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BMW to Expand Carbon Fiber Usage on Future Production

I wrote some time ago about the collaboration that the BMW has closed-up with the SGL Group, the company responsible with the carbon fiber delivery for the German cars. As a result, the two firms are expanding the site in Germany in order to handle the high demands for the carbon fiber parts, which the [...]

BMW cars will get more carbon fiber

About a week ago BMW has announced that they will be launching a car named, at the moment, Megacity Vehicle ┬áby 2013. The Megacity Vehicle is destined to be a zero-emission urban vehicle that will feature lightness as it’s key selling point. This lightness will be achieved as a result of use of more carbon [...]

BMW signed a partnership with SGL Group

BMW has joined forces with carbon fiber specialists from SGL Group to produce lighter parts for new electric model, Megacity. Megacity will compete with Daimler’s Smart division with a range of urban at affordable prices, in the form of vehicles with two or four wheels. Two plants will be built in North America and Germany [...]

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