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BMW and SGL Carbon to Toughen Joint Forces for Future i3 and i8 Hybrid Production

The Handelsblatt newspaper from Germany reports that there were sources inside the BMW German Company, stating that the automaker is planning to double their team efforts and their partnership with the SGL Carbon specialist, for a future production of more than 6,000 tones per year. With more than 100 million euros recently being invested, the [...]

BMW to Reconsider a Wider ā€œIā€ Range of Electric Cars

Rumors stated that due to the first model which managed to surpass expectations of selling more than 11,000 units worldwide since November, the BMW automaker is said to expand the range of the i-branded electric range. But the production chief at BMW, Harald Krueger, said that the company won`t be adding a third model to [...]

New BMW M5 to get Ceramic Brakes starting 2012

It seems that the Bavarians from BMW are planning to upgrade the braking system of the new BMW M5 (F10) by introducing high-performance carbon ceramic brakes. This statement has been made by Dr. Herbert Diess from BMW which makes it a certain information rather than a rumor. Of course, this does not mean that the [...]

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