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BMW Is Reviving “The Hire” Short Films

After shooting some promos at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the BMW German based manufacturer is switching to films, with the revival of an old short series – “The Hire”. Just 13 years ago, the short series of “The Hire” revealed a Clive Owen actor into his rising age piloting BMW units, which made the films [...]

New Spy Photos: 2010 BMW 5 Series

Yes, it’s closer and closer so another set of spy photos appeared on the internet. You probably got bored but if you want to buy such a car, I recommend you to watch each spy photo to find out any detail about this car. I noticed a thing talking about the camouflage: on 2010 BMW [...]

2011 BMW 5 Series Spy Photos

Yes, another spy photos of the great 2011 BMW 5 Series were taken. The shots were taken on a rain so the interior photos are not so clear because there are drop of waters on the windows. The exterior is camouflaged only with stickers but at the interior there are some plastic camouflage accesories and also [...]

2010 BMW 5 Series Sedan

BMW 5 Series Sedan is a class leader being at the same time a very important car from BMW but at the same popularity is the Touring Wagon that we talked about few weeks ago. These spy photos caought the 5 Series Sedan with few camouflage sticks and from what I see, nothing else.

2010 BMW 8 Series

BMW really wants to raise the manufacturing started by employing more workers in BMW Plants and started making new BMW models: first was 2011 BMW 0 Series (you can see a sketch here) and now they are making an 8 Series. At the 8 Series they really developed the ideea and there are a lot [...]

BMW 1 Series – Made In China

Earlier last week, the news were released on internet: BMW 1 Series is about to be built in China. The news appeared in China Car Times and this is about to happen in the next years. More exactly, this can become reality at the begining of the next year. There is a big minus in this [...]

2011 BMW 0 Series

It is kind of shocking but at the same time, great news. Yes, BMW is about to launch 0 Series in 2011. I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect at a 0 Series but I thinked about 2 Series, 4 Series, 8 Series and so on but not 0 Series. 2011 BMW 0 Series will be [...]

BMW E92 Coupe – By Miranda Series

A tuning firm from Germany, namely Miranda Series has made a tuning package for BMW E92 Coupe. This tuning package, you can name it Red Devil, contains AC Schnitzer front and rear spoilers, a carbon fiber rear, a carbon fiber strut brace, a stainless steel sports exhaust system. About the suspension sistem we can say [...]

Mini Cooper and 5 Series

BMW seems to be getting a lot of awards lately. At the Mondial de l’Automobile 2008 from Paris, the Mini Cooper and the 5 Series were declared the Most Appealing Compact Car and Most Appealing Midsized Premium Car. Apparently, all of the BMW customers are happy with their decision of buying such a vehicle and [...]

Munich BMW M Model Gathering

BMW’s headquarters in Munich, Germany was host to an official gathering of more than 180 participants, owners of around 120 BMW M model vehicles of all types, so you were able to see cars from the original BMW M1 supercar to the latest BMW M3. All participants were part of a pretty exclusive club, the [...]

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