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New BMW X1 SAV Shot Down in Munich

New BMW X1 SAV Shot Down in Munich

The BMW has recently confirmed the existence and the upcoming of the new BMW X1 model, as the SAV has been recently caught on shots while cruising the streets of Munich, and wearing heavy camouflage on the body. This would be the first clue that the SAV is ready to [...]

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BMW X4 xDrive30d

BMW X4 xDrive30d Going for a Test Drive

The BMW X4 is the carmaker`s newly unveiled crossover, based on the X3 and being a little bit smaller than the X6, which makes it perfect to race against the Porsche Macan SUV. The test drive with the BMW X4 was meant to define the true characteristics of the model, [...]

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298 days ago
BMW X5 Equipped with D2FORGED MB1 Monoblock Wheels

BMW X5 Equipped with D2FORGED MB1 Monoblock Wheels

The BMW X5 SAV is the company`s second generation of the former X5 E53, being replaced in 2006, coming with a lot of technological goodies, as well as high-tech components at the exterior. The new BMW X5 looks fantastic, fresh, with clear visible changes made at the exterior as well [...]

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343 days ago
BMW X5 M in Alpine White by Vorsteiner

BMW X5 M in Alpine White by Vorsteiner

The BMW X5 M has been recently received a tuning program from the famous Vorsteiner tuning company. The tuning program carried out by the California based tuning company involves the heavy usage of carbon fiber materials, in contrast with the special Alpine White color, that perfectly matches the effects of [...]

345 days ago
2015 BMW X6 Configurator Launched Online

2015 BMW X6 Configurator Launched Online

The BMW German based manufacturer has recently released the online configurator for its high-end 2015 X6 SAV. The online configurator is now at your disposal and all you have to do is browse it and find everything you need about the 2015 BMW X6. The first information you may find [...]

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352 days ago
2015 BMW X6M

2015 BMW X6M Launched Online by X-Tomi Design

After the BMW X6 was seen in some renderings numerously, showing up in different body styles, like a convertible or like a three-door SAV, it was now the X6M version to be rendered online by the famous X-Tomi Design. The rendering with the BMW X6M version is revealing a powerful [...]

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2017 BMW X2

2017 BMW X2

BMW car manufacturer is in the cards of adding a new crossover to its lineup, an X2, which would set foot on the roads somewhere in 2017. The German auto maker already made its first move by launching the X6 to open a new market, a couple of years ago, [...]

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2014 BMW X5 Promo in Romania

2014 BMW X5 Promo in Romania

BMW, the German luxury car manufacturer, is launching a new campaign in Romania, for the promotion of its 2014 X5. The next-generation of the X5, which had an official launch last year in May, is now again in the spot lights with its new video promotional video and promotional shots. [...]

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E70 BMW X5 limo

Would you ride in the E70 BMW X5 limo?

It’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while now. It’s happened since pretty much the first second I had seen this ungodly creation. Obviously, the X5, in all its E70 SAV-ishnes isn’t the isn’t the sort of vehicle that was designed with such a major modification planned in [...]

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BMW X4 rendering

BMW X4 renders of speculation

As we know, we don’t exactly live in a world of supercars. We don’t really live in a world of green econoboxes either and nor do we see executive saloons everywhere. These days, just about everybody seems to be making some sort of SUV, SAV, crossover or any hybrid contraption [...]

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1188 days ago
2013 BMW X6 M

New York 2012: BMW X6 M also gets tweaked price

It happened at the New York Auto Show but we may have gotten caught up in other news that we might have found somewhat more interesting. The facelifted version of the BMW X6 M SAV got itself a new price tag announced during the event. The sticker now showcases a [...]

by April 9, 2012 1 comment BMW X6 M
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BMW M Performance X5

BMW M Performance sub-brand shows off SAVs

The recently promised BMW M sub-brand has arrived and it presents itself with the special half-performance SAV models to begin the showing off process with. What we’re looking at here is typical branding and copyrighting prowess that gives hell to most average people trying to buy either of the BMW [...]

by January 26, 2012 0 comments BMW X5, BMW X6
1282 days ago
2011 BMW X5

F15 BMW X5 starts showing a few details

The BMW X5 is not everybody’s cup of tea and it may not even rub eyes with fans of the Bavarian brand but it is undeniably important. Having kickstarted the SAV segment and propelling BMW sales, the X5 can’t be neglected so the next generation should be quite the interesting [...]

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BMW X5 Generations

BMW X5 number 1.000.000 rolled off the production line

BMW’s SUV has just passed an important marker in the life of any car, the “first million” to be produced since the debut the X5 had back in 1999. The “round figure” BMW X5 sold was an anniversary edition xDrive35i, featuring a sapphire black metallic finish with cinnamon brown Nevada [...]

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BMW X6 M spied in white color

BMW X6 M spied in white color

Our friends at GlobalMotors have some spy photos with the famous SAV, namely BMW X6 M. Those from GlobalMotors said that the car looks like a toy and is not the best color for BMW X6 M. I agree with them, but I don’t think so that X6 looks like [...]

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