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Pristine E46 BMW M3 CLS Is up for Grabs at Hexagon Modern Classics, UK

Pristine E46 BMW M3 CLS Is up for Grabs at Hexagon Modern Classics, UK

The CSL version from the E46 BMW M3 was a real impressive ride that used to turn a lot of heads whenever cruising in style and revving its engine on the roads, and there are still models that can be bought at the right price. Take for instance this pristine […]

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US: BMW Out-Sells Mercedes-Benz and Lexus in June

US: BMW Out-Sells Mercedes-Benz and Lexus in June

The struggle for supremacy in the auto industry between BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota`s luxury brand Lexus is a close one, each one trying to score as much as higher sales in the United States. With its ups and downs, BMW still manages to remain on top regarding June`s overall sales. […]

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BMW`s Sales in November Keeps the First Place Worm, Mercedes-Benz Falls 13 Percent Behind

BMW`s Sales in November Keeps the First Place Worm, Mercedes-Benz Falls 13 Percent Behind

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been on a constant duel concerning the supremacy of the luxury segment for many years, and now the latter might lose the close battle in favor of BMW, which reported a 3.2 percent in sales this November, as opposed to last November. On the other hand, […]

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2016 BMW M2 Coupe Starts Sales Next April, Prices Announced

2016 BMW M2 Coupe Starts Sales Next April, Prices Announced

The recently unveiled 2016 BMW M2 Coupe will start production this November, but the European customers will have the change of buying it in April, next year. Good news for BMW`s fans, as the German based carmaker will start production of the new M2 Coupe in November, with deliveries to […]

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BMW scores great sales numbers for the first six months of the year

Without a doubt, the past six months have been market by a fierce competition taken by BMW on the most important markets throughout the world. Keeping Audi and Mercedes Benz under scrutiny as main competitors, winning various prizes for different auto categories on numerous contest, the famous German car maker […]

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F32 BMW 4 Series

BMW looking for even better sales in 2013

These guys are not messing around. After registering a great year in sales back in 2012 they’re simply looking to improve further in 2013. After 2012’s 11% increase to a total of 1.85 million cars worldwide, the Bavarians are now targeting an even higher threshold. This year has the promise […]

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BMW Motorrad 2012 sales figures look brilliant

Playing the sales games is something that BMW is clearly apt at but it’s also something they’re ready to share information about. Within their company at least, things seem to be passed about. The corporate folks have just released some information on what their motorcycle division should do. Knowing all […]

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BMW vs Mercedes

BMW wins 2012 luxury sales race in US

One figure had escaped us from 2012. Now that the figures have started to come in, the Bavarians are once again on top. We’re talking about the sales in the luxury segment, of course. This is where BMW have beaten their closest rival Mercedes, at the end of last year. […]

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F31 BMW 3 Series Touring

Luxury sales race favors BMW again

As a BMW fan, or even a supporter of the opposition among Mercedes, Audi or Lexus, you’re likely well aware of the fierce fight for sales in this segment. Over the last few months, BMW’s established lead was starting to get eroded by the fierce competition and their relentless quest […]

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F20 BMW 1 Series

BMW posts October sales results

October ended sufficiently long ago for the sales numbers to be available for this month that passed. In short, things really look good for BMW.. If it’s detail that worries you, it shouldn’t be a major concern since things look pretty good when under the microscope as well. Unsurprisingly, it’s […]

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BMW admits to moving cars from Euro to US

Got the salt? How about the pepper? Great, here’s what’s going on, BMW admit to moving a vast amount of cars around the world. Well, it’s not the literal version, there’s nothing illegal to talk about and the news itself isn’t that big. The trigger is what made thins blow […]

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2013 BMW X1

BMW announces epic September sales

Somebody at BMW sales department is well on their way for a major Christmas bonus. After getting word from China about their sales, they’ve now rounded up the totals. The results are simply put as BMW’s best September sales ever so they have decent reason to be proud of their […]

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2013 BMW X1

BMW Group sales in China grow considerably in September

Not that I’m the sort of guy who can’t be humble but boy did BMW stick it to the economy last month. Even in China where things are a melting pot, the Bavarians sold a lot of cars. China is an enormous market anyway but for last month BMW got […]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

F30 BMW 3 Series xDrive version to be key in sales war

Life in the luxury car market sales isn’t the most certain thing out there these days. After a while of domination from Lexus, BMW took over and the battle is once again heating up. Last month’s results saw our favorite Bavarian brand struggle and this one isn’t looking up either. […]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW posts August sales report for the US market

And as another month kicks off, the previously ended one will be coming out with its sales results. For the Bavarians we love so much things are split. On the one hand, the BMW brand declined its sales last month but on the other the BMW Group did quite alright. […]

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

BMW Group’s sales keep going strong in May

How many times have we been over this? BMW is a Bavarian company, that means it’s located in Europe, particularly in Germany. While the country’s economy seems to be going fine and dandy, the rest of the continent has less rosy bank statements. That’s had an effect on the kind […]

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BMW fined in Switzerland over competition concerns

Switzerland is a country that has it pretty bad on the way cars are sold, to be owned, taxed and so on. Despite this, the Swiss do like their cars. I suppose you have to in a country where car passion is borderline on illegal, willingness to change cars is […]

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2011 BMW M3

BMW improves used car services for China

Here’s a heartwarming bit of news from the Bavarians at BMW and their sales efforts. We’re not looking at the competition, statistics or sales figures. BMW have announced that they plan to expand their involvement with used cars, particularly in China. We’re not sure this is to wash off anywhere […]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW’s April sales make for new record

Another month, another opportunity to look into how well our favorite brand is doing. The news are looking quite good at the end of April. BMW’s books have managed to score yet another new record. The figures come in at 145.505 vehicles sold for the first time ever by the […]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW Group achieved record sales for Q1 2012

It’s another success story from the BMW Group’s sales department. April’s first week with us has been rather uneventful but it did bring along a new batch of results. The 2012 Q1 results of the BMW Group once again have the word “record” attached to the title since it’s the […]

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