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BMW to Expand Plants in the US and China

BMW to Expand in US and China for a 2-Million Units Plan in 2014

The BMW German based car manufacturer is on a continuous change, with plans concerning its expanding plants in the US and China for a production capacity of more than 2 million units in 2014. The BMW`s plans come after last year, when the luxury automaker managed to sell a world [...]

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BMW to Purchase Land near Munich Plant

BMW to Purchase Land near Munich Plant

BMW is being melancholic these days since it has decided to purchase a new factory for its historic vehicles, which is actually a building that belonged to the airplane engines in the first decades of the last century. The German car manufacturer has purchased the plot which covers around 140,000 [...]

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BMW to Expand Carbon Fiber Usage on Future Production

BMW to Expand Carbon Fiber Usage on Future Production

I wrote some time ago about the collaboration that the BMW has closed-up with the SGL Group, the company responsible with the carbon fiber delivery for the German cars. As a result, the two firms are expanding the site in Germany in order to handle the high demands for the [...]

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BMW M Performance

Copyright office leaks new BMW trademarks

I’m not sure on why trademark filings these days seem to be so loose in quickly getting to the media but I’m actually glad for it since we can find out good stuff quicker. For example, when it comes to BMW, their most recent recording efforts are simply amazing. They’ve [...]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW’s April sales make for new record

Another month, another opportunity to look into how well our favorite brand is doing. The news are looking quite good at the end of April. BMW’s books have managed to score yet another new record. The figures come in at 145.505 vehicles sold for the first time ever by the [...]

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BMW reports increased sales figures for July 2011

Once again, BMW Group has some good reasons to celebrate as the German company reported increased sales for the previous month. Few weeks ago, the Bavarian company released sales figures for the first six months of 2011, announcing an all-time record of 833,366 units, an increase of 19,7% comparing to [...]

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BMW & Rolls Royce to build a MINI

BMW & Rolls Royce to build a MINI

Probably now you feel exactly what I felt when I first read these news. Yes, BMW is going to collaborate with Rolls Royce Auto Maker. More exactly, BMW just agreed that Rolls Royce is going to build a very luxury model of the little MINI Cooper. As I said before, [...]

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