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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Rendering

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Launched in Rendering

BMW is preparing the one-off 3.0 CSL Hommage for the 2015 Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este, Italy, which will open its gates this weekend, and thousands of fans are already expecting its official unveiling. And the German carmaker hasn`t released any information on how the model would look like, releasing just [...]

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20 hours ago
2017 BMW M4 GTS Rendering

2017 BMW M4 GTS Rendered, Might Be Launched in 2016

The long-expected 2017 BMW M4 GTS, the more powerful version of the already famous BMW M4, was recently launched in a rendering signed by Top Speed, which showcases how would the model will look like, when it would enter the market in 2016 and sold as a 2017 model. The [...]

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53 days ago
2016 BMW X1 Launched Rendered

2016 BMW X1 Launched Rendered

The new 2016 BMW X1 recently caught on new spy shots, has now emerged on the web in a new rendering, provided by Top Speed, which anticipates the model`s start on the market, this October. The rendering is based indeed on the shots and indicates some interesting changes compared to [...]

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55 days ago
BMW X7 Rendering

Upcoming BMW X7 Rendered, Pricing and Powertrain Revealed

With the growing competition on the auto market, a lot of carmakers have understood the needs of continuously developing their SUVs bigger and bigger, while other sports cars or luxury car manufacturers have also understood the necessity of such vehicles on the roads. It is also the case of the [...]

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63 days ago
2016 BMW 7-Series Pops Up in New Rendering

2016 BMW 7-Series Pops Up in New Rendering

After being caught on shot at the beginning of January in London, the 2016 BMW 7-Series is now popping up on the web again in a new rendering released by the guys over Worldcarfans, showcasing a closer look at the gorgeous model. But apart its stylish look, the upcoming BMW [...]

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83 days ago
2016 BMW 3-Series Rendering

2016 BMW 3-Series Launched in Rendering

The famous artist designer Theophilus Chin has recently launched a rendering with the 2016 BMW 3-Series model, which is actually an updated version of the current model. The rendering is rumored to be based on some shots with the upcoming 3-Series, which has been caught during some tests, but they [...]

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143 days ago
2015 BMW 1-Series Rendering

2015 BMW 1-Series Rendered

The 2015 BMW 1-Series has popped-up in a rendering signed by the famous designer Theophilus Chin, highlighting the sporty model, before its official unveiling next year, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. As opposed to other renderings, showcasing some models just in terms of visuals, the 2015 BMW 1-Series is [...]

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150 days ago
BMW M4 Shooting Brake Rendering

BMW M4 Shooting Brake Rendering

The one-off BMW M4 Coupe has been recently received a Shooting Brake body style, thanks to the bold rendering launched by the famous X-Tomi Design. Now, don’t be too excited, as a Shooting Brake of the M4 model will never see the day light, but for the famous designer is [...]

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151 days ago
2017 BMW i5 Rendering

2017 BMW i5 Rendered Online

After the BMW i5 hydrogen-cell based model was recently rumored, as a future alternative to battery packs, the model in question has also appeared online in some renderings, previewing the third-generation electric model. We are talking about the 2017 BMW i5 model which will come with some slight changes at [...]

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186 days ago
BMW 1-Series Sedan

BMW 1-Series Sedan Revealed in Rendering

The BMW German carmaker is reportedly working on the 1-Series Sedan, as more and more rumors and renderings are starting to show up via the internet, which is also the case of this particular rendering seen below. The rendering with the BMW 1-Series Sedan is showing the model tweaked with [...]

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199 days ago
BMW X6 M Convertible Launched in Rendering

BMW X6 M Convertible Launched in Rendering

The 2015 BMW X6 M was recently unveiled along with the X5 M sibling, and the model has already been subjected to a body facelift, carried out by the famous designer X-Tomi Design and rendered online in a convertible body style. I am astonished by the designer`s creativity but taking [...]

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199 days ago
BMW M4 Pickup Truck

BMW M4 Pickup Truck Launched in Rendering

The BMW M4 Coupe is ending up in our news again, this time the model being launched on the web in a rendering, showcasing the model in a pickup truck body style. The rendering is signed by the famous designer X-Tomi Design and is literally playing with the BMW M4, [...]

by October 18, 2014 0 comments BMW M4
216 days ago
2016 BMW 5-Series

2016 BMW 5-Series Rendered Online

A rendering with the so called 2016 BMW 5-Series have recently hit the web, with the model to sport some fresh new cues, while the overall body will not be customized. As seen in the rendering, the front bumper of the upcoming 5-Series will be slightly modified, making the body [...]

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248 days ago
BMW CSL Visual Concept

BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept Launched Online in Rendering

The high-end BMW M4 Coupe model is ending up in our news again, this time the famous sports car being launched online in a rendering. The rendering is showcasing the BMW M4 model in a CSL version along with some interesting details, being actually an interpretation of the so called [...]

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249 days ago

BMW i3M Rendered Online

The BMW i3 electric is ending up in our news again, this time through a rendering launched online by the CarThrottle, showcasing the model in an M version. We are talking thus about the BMW i3M version, which is of course based on the present i3 model, but highlighted here [...]

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256 days ago

BMW X7 SUV Rendered Online

Based on BMW`s intention of launching a future X7 SUV in 2017, the model was already launched online in some renderings, by the famous Hungarian designer, Theophilus Chin, showing us how the future model would look like. At a first glimpse, we might be talking here perhaps at the largest [...]

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303 days ago
2015 BMW X6M

2015 BMW X6M Launched Online by X-Tomi Design

After the BMW X6 was seen in some renderings numerously, showing up in different body styles, like a convertible or like a three-door SAV, it was now the X6M version to be rendered online by the famous X-Tomi Design. The rendering with the BMW X6M version is revealing a powerful [...]

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345 days ago
BMW X6 Cabrio Rendered Online

BMW X6 Cabrio Rendered Online

The hot 2015 BMW X6 has just been unveiled, but that didn’t stop the famous designer Theophilus Chin to launch online a rendering with the X6 coming in a Cabrio body-style. Since this is just another example of the artistic type of Theophilus Chin, the BMW X6 Cabrio-style will never [...]

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347 days ago
2012 BMW 3 Series spyshot

2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe rendered

We’re pretty much sorted for what the F30 BMW 3 Series is about. With production well under way and plenty of details shown off by the online configurator there’s little that information on it we don’t have. Not long ago we even got a bit of information on what the [...]

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1286 days ago
BMW i10 Megacity

Imagine the BMW i10 Megacity

Since BMW themselves are keeping the actual aesthetics of the Megacity (or i10) under total secrecy we’ll have to see ourselves content with what those talented in the area can envision. This artist impression featured here keeps true to the basic idea that this car will be somewhere between the [...]

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1819 days ago