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BMW Recalls 100,000 Vehicles in Japan Due to Faulty Takata Airbag

BMW Recalls 100,000 Vehicles in Japan Due to Faulty Takata Airbag

Globally, Takata airbags have posed a series safety threat, with a lot of carmakers to recall their models due to faulty installation. The airbag inflation issue has also affected BMW in Japan, the German based carmaker recalling around 110,000 units. There are 44 models to be affected, including the 116i […]

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1 year ago
BMW Recalls 16 2015 i8 Models Due to Stability Control Issue

BMW Recalls 16 2015 i8 Models Due to Stability Control Issue

The 2015 BMW i8 is an exceptional hypercar that revolutionized the entire auto industry with the latest technological advancements, but sometimes, even this extraordinary piece of German engineering does fall apart. Well, not literally. BMW recently announced that 16 BMW i8 models were recalled to factory because of a problem […]

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2 years ago
BMW Recall

BMW expands its recent massive recall

We mentioned last week that the German car maker BMW has issued a huge recall in China, involving a large portion of the sedans, the SUVs and even the Z4 roadster. The issue involved an engine bolt with a manufacturing fault, which, in a few cases, can come loose and […]

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4 years ago
E70 BMW X5

BMW recalls 30,000 E70 BMW X5

If you own an E70 BMW X5 with 8-cylinder engine which was produced between October 2006 and March 2010 you have to go to the nearest BMW Dealer because your BMW has issues with power brake failure. Your E70 BMW X5 has a problematic vacuum hose and the brake power […]

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5 years ago
E70 BMW X5

E70 BMW X5 recalled over power steering problems

Errare humanum est. It’s the simplest of excuses one would see from somebody making a mistake, be it a friend or a multinational company. BMW is one of the latter and though they don’t have the attitude that quotes a bit of a cliche, but they did make a mistake […]

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5 years ago
E65 E66 BMW 7 Series

E65/E66 BMW 7 Series called in by NHTSA

It is a flagship model and it rarely ever gets complaints since it’s built similarly to tanks except only using stronger materials. A few years down the line however, the E65/E66 (previous generations) of the BMW 7 Series is called to quarters by the NHTSA. The American authority seems to […]

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5 years ago
2013 F10 M5 & F12 M6

Fun is put on hold for BMW M5 and M6 owners

And here I am, the bearer of bad news. BMW have sent out a memo according to which its dealers will stop deliveries of certain F10 M5 and F12 M6 lots. Furthermore, owners of such cars are to stop driving them. How uncool is that? Knowing BMW you’ll have to […]

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5 years ago
E70 BMW X5

E70/E71 BMW X5/X6 under a recall

We love it when good and great news comes from BMW but some times some less than good news sneaks through such as this occasion. The current E70 BMW X5 and its less practical sister car E71 X6 are going to get recalled for a rather serious issue in the […]

by June 21, 2012 2 comments BMW X5, BMW X6
6 years ago

BMW models and Rolls Royce Ghost recalled

Cheer and fun is all available everywhere in the BMW Group’s family but occasionally mistakes happen, even within our favorite brand. The latest such unpleasant situation focuses on a shared component that’s to be found in most of the larger BMW products and the smallest Rolls Royce. We’re looking at […]

6 years ago
BMW 6 Series

BMW recalls 5 and 6 Series models worldwide

BMW will have to add an enormous volume of cars to their recall list. We’re looking at worldwide sold models, spanning over some seven years. There’s quite the problem with it being a recall that affects the ever popular BMW 5 Series and its two door 6 Series sibling. Total […]

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6 years ago