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Besides China, 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Might Start Production in Brazil, Too

Besides China, 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Might Start Production in Brazil, Too

Previously decided as a China-only affair, the upcoming 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan might as well find its way on the South American market, if the carmaker decides that it is good for the business. The rumor mill comes from NoticiasAutomotivas via the QuatroRodas and states that BMW representatives are currently […]

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8 months ago
BMW X4 Starts Production in Brazil

BMW X4 Starts Production in Brazil

Brazil is one BMW`s largest production line in the world, with six high-end models to be produced locally, at Araquari plant, in Santa Catarina. Thus, every year, thousands of models are distributed throughout the entire North and South America. The BMW X4 is one those models manufactured in Santa Catarina, […]

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10 months ago
2016 BMW X2 Crossover

2016 BMW X2 Crossover Has Received the Green Light for Production

The BMW German based carmaker has been secretly working on the upcoming BMW X2 crossover for a few years and just a minute ago representatives have given the green light, the model emerging on the market in mid-2107. When it will arrive, the 2016 BMW X2 will sit between the […]

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2 years ago
2016 G11/G12 BMW 7 Series Production

2016 G11/G12 BMW 7 Series Production

We have recently presented the impressive powertrain of the 2016 G11/G12 BMW 7-Series and now it is the time to unveil some insights with the production process of the high-end model. The 2016 G11/G12 BMW 7-Series flagship will be built at the same BMW Group`s Plant Dingolfing, Germany, the same […]

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2 years ago
2016 F48 BMW X1

2016 F48 BMW X1 Decided for Production This August

BMW has already met fame with the present generation X1 and the 2016 F48 BMW X1 model will carry on the legacy of one of the most wanted model in the segment worldwide. Compared to the present generation, the 2016 F48 BMW X1 is promising to bring a new identity […]

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2 years ago
BMW X7 Crossover

BMW X7 Crossover Built in South Carolina

Recent reports from Reuters state that the BMW German based manufacturer is going to build the X7 crossover at the Spartanburg, in South Carolina. The automaker will expand its plant, with costs to exceed several hundred millions. Thus, the BMW`s crossover lineup will be completed, with the X7 standing alongside […]

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3 years ago
Bavarian Motors puts an end to BMW M3 Coupe

Bavarian Motors puts an end to BMW M3 Coupe

With its V8 engine of 4.0 liters, carrying up to 400 Nm of torque and 420 HP, BMW M3 Coupe was, without a doubt, a popular line in the history of Bavarian Motors. After all, they did manage to produce 40.000 units… But since all good things must come to […]

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4 years ago
BMW production line

BMW details plan for Brazilian factory

The Bavarians don’t really have that much of a display at the ongoing Sao Paulo Motor Show so they’re constantly distracting the folks with news about their new plant. It isn’t as exciting as a set of new M Division, or at least, M Performance products, but the new factory […]

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5 years ago
BMW M1 Hommage Concept

BMW M1 – extra details

BMW’s superstar comeback is still mostly a mystery, we don’t even know the final shape of the car yet but, like any Scooby Doo show, things are beginning to unravel. As we found out earlier last month, the BMW M1 will be ready to hit the market by 2016 and […]

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5 years ago
BMW Nedcar

BMW to start product in the Netherlands

The Dutch BMW fans might get a special treat in soon as the Bavarians are currently negotiating starting production there at an older plant. The plant in question is the one the Japanese at Mitsubishi are using at Nedcar. Mitsubishi will be stopping production there by the end of the […]

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5 years ago
BMW i8 Concept

BMW announces production site for i8 engine

Recently there have been some woes about the i range, it’s financial future, costs and whatever other similar issues but all those seem to have disappeared. It’s not that the Bavarians have assured eco-friendly car buyers that they’re watching over them, it’s just that in their latest announcement, nothing was […]

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5 years ago
2012 BMW M5

Rumor: BMW to build new plants

Here’s a huge surprise, BMW, a company that’s selling and growing by the day, is rumored to be looking into the building of new production plants. The rumor may be more than hearsay because apart from the selling and increased targets, BMW is said to be looking in the right […]

by May 22, 2012 2 comments BMW Articles
5 years ago
BMW i8 rendering

Production version of BMW i8 rendered

The BMW i8’s time in concept stage is coming to an end. The production version of the hybrid supercar is bearing down on the final stages of development. This must be the sort of motivation that gave Sonny Lim the inspiration to come up with some pretty realistic renderings of […]

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5 years ago
2012 BMW 3 Series production

2012 BMW 3 Series production under way

It seems like BMW have adopted an admirable attitude about the future of the new 2012 3 Series. They’ve talked about it long enough, they might as well get down to making it. With that in mind, note that the Bavarian company’s Munich plant flipped the ON switch the production […]

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6 years ago

BMW X3 production to be featured on TV

It seems like BMW’s X3 is about to grab some extra attention relatively soon, particularly as far as the production process is concerned. Not only that, but it will even be featured on TV, which strikes us as kind of odd, particularly considering how we haven’t heard anything new about […]

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6 years ago
F30 BMW 3 Series

F30 BMW 3 Series

The current and latest iteration of the BMW 3 Series was launched at the beginning of October 2011 featuring a world of upgrades on top of the model it replaces. Bavaria’s great car maker refreshed the design drawing in some cues of inspiration from the higher class F10 BMW 5 […]

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6 years ago
BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW is rumored to be planning Megacity EV sports car

BMW’s electric four seater, the Megacity, is one eagerly awaited vehicle but according to some recent speculation it may be just the tip of the iceberg for the new market the Bavarians are approaching. Apparently BMW are considering offering more than one variant of the Megacity and are even considering […]

7 years ago
BMW Gran Coupe

News on the fate of the BMW Gran Coupe

As you may remember the stunning BMW Gran Coupe concept that was unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show this year has been announced by various sources that it will be making into production. That’s not the full story however, as since 2012 isn’t that far away, the Bavarians are treating […]

by June 5, 2010 0 comments BMW 6-Series, BMW M6, Concept Cars
7 years ago
Norbert Reithofer and the BMW ActiveE

More news on the BMW Megacity

It’s only been about three weeks since we’ve had confirmation of the first BMW series-production of an electric-vehicle coming to the market with the launch of the Megacity Vehicle, scheduled for 2013. Back then, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer stated that this BMW will move the bar and set a new […]

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7 years ago
2010 BMW Z10 has green light to go into production

2010 BMW Z10 has green light to go into production

It is possible that what you see in these pictures, the 2010 BMW Z10, to be put into production next year. Few people talks about this so there’s nothing sure about this. First, BMW Z10 was just a concept and at the moment is still a concept but it has […]

by October 17, 2009 6 comments Concept Cars
8 years ago