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BMW 335d and X5d in November for Canada

BMW Canada confirmed the fact that Canadians will be able to enjoy the BMW 335d and X5 xDrive35d from November. The announcement was made during an internal client advisors training in Vancouver. BMWNA will probably release the diesels at the same time. According to J M Wong, who took part in the training, BMW Canada [...]

Latest Spy Photos of the BMW Z4

There’s no doubt about it: the BMW Z4 will have a huge success in the auto industry. Resources say that the 2009 BMW Z4 will be a unique and imposant roadster, combining sportiness and classiness, which will revive the Z brand, reminding us about the good old days of the BMW Z3. Therefore, the BMW [...]

Final Current-Generation BMW Z4

Production of the final BMW Z4 of the current generation was just finished last Thursday at BMW’s Spartanburg manufacturing plant in North Carolina. This event represents the completion of an era for the facility that has built more than 200,000 Z4s in the last seven years. The next generation BMW Z4’s debut is expected at [...]

BMW 335d and X5d to be launched in January 2009

Here is some good news for those BMW fans who have been waiting for the diesel models: the launch date for the BMW 335d and the X5d has been announced. With production beginning in November, these models will be available from January 2009.  However, the price hasn’t been set yet, but, since the pricing sign [...]

Spy Photos of 2009 BMW Z4

Autoweek has recently posted two new photos of the 2009 BMW Z4 with its top down and less camouflage. The unveiling of the new BMW model is set some time in November this year, but, as the promo videos are currently being shot in locations around the world, we expect to get clearer photos, in [...]

Release of BMW 335d in November as 2009 model

Good news for all torque-lovers! The diesel version of the popular 3 Series Sedan will be released by the Bavarian automaker in the United States in November, as scheduled. BMW decided to label it as a 2009 model, as it will appear so late in the year. These two BMW diesel models will have a [...]

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