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BMW Motorrad 2012 sales figures look brilliant

Playing the sales games is something that BMW is clearly apt at but it’s also something they’re ready to share information about. Within their company at least, things seem to be passed about. The corporate folks have just released some information on what their motorcycle division should do. Knowing all this stuff, BMW Motorrad posted [...]

BMW motorcycle division turns 90

Sometimes, linking things between and making for lovable segways in between stories happens by itself. We just saw what the near future holds for BMW, but what about the distant past? As it happens, some 90 years ago, BMW set up their motorcycle manufacturing shop, the outfit we now know as the Motorrad division. Unless [...]

BMW unveils new HP4 motorcycle

I know we’re all fans of the BMW cars but out in the motorcycling community the Bavarians have an equally impressive following. After the S1000RR they’ve just unveiled the new HP4. The two have many similarities but there’s one key difference. The different look of the BMW HP4 illustrates more than a redesign. It’s there [...]

Vilner Tuning customize BMW F800R

Bulgarian tuner Vilner are starting to get the hang of messing around with BMW products. They may be one of the newest tuners around, but that doesn’t seem to phase them. The latest project they got involved with is one of the less familiar BMW products, the F800R motorcycle. The name of the new kit [...]

BMW sued for health problems by motorbike rider

Here’s an unhappy incident for both involved parties. BMW is being sued by a motorbike rider and things are looking pretty bad for either of them. The report came in through USA Today. They’ve gotten down to a very interesting case that’s soon to be disputed in a California court. What it boils down to [...]

BMW S1000RR pulling the tablecloth

Here is another cool video from BMW that I am going to talk about and I hope you also like this video as much as I do. I like the fact that it is made with that “BMW smell” or probably because of the professionalism that they proved by making this cool video. Anyway, in [...]

The valves of BMW S1000RR working at 14,200 RPM

Some of you may say that this video is not useful and I don’t blame you because I was thinking the same thing at the beginning and I must admit that right now I’m thinking almost the same thing, I changed my perspective just a little bit and probably after you read the full post [...]

Video with BMW S1000RR acting on ice

I think these types of motorcycles are not fitting in this background or better said on the roads where you can really feel the winter. These types of motorcycles are made to roll on big speeds on really good roads and the roads where is a lot of snow these motorcycles are just not good [...]

2010 BMW HP2

When you first look at 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle, you would say that this is a normal bike and has nothing different from other regular motorcycles but as you get used to, the all new BMW brands are now very different than the other motorcycles company. On the internet there are few details [...]

BMW Six-Cylinder Motorcycle Concept

This is probably the first time when we talk about a BMW motorcycle concept. I have to tell you that this is the most amazing concept on two wheels that is able to become reality in the near future because at the base of this concept, is a normal motorcycle. BMW didn’t said exactly how [...]

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