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2016 MINI Cooper JCW Heads to Australia, Price Set Under 50,000 AUD

2016 MINI Cooper JCW Heads to Australia, Price Set Under 50,000 AUD

The BMW`s direct subsidiary MINI has recently sent the one-off 2016 John Cooper Works model in Australia, where the cheapest version will set you back at 49,950 AUD, the price also including the shipping fees. For that model, you will get a six-manual transmission and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, [...]

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2015 Geneva Motor Show: 2015 MINI Countryman Park Lane

2015 Geneva Motor Show: 2015 MINI Countryman Park Lane

MINI has recently introduced the special edition of the Countryman, named the Countryman Park Lane, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, completing thus the entire Countryman fleet. The 2015 MINI Countryman Park Lane will be coming on the market this summer and will be available in three versions, the Cooper, [...]

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2016 MINI Convertible Caught on Shots, Will Be Coming with Lots of Gizmos Inside

2016 MINI Convertible Caught on Shots, Will Be Coming with Lots of Gizmos Inside

After MINI sent the third-generation Clubman out for some tests, it was now the MINI Convertible`s turn to be taken out for a spin, before making its official debut somewhere next year. As seen in the spy shots, the 2016 MINI Convertible will not bring some new elements at the [...]

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2016 MINI Clubman Caught on Shots

2016 MINI Clubman Caught on Shots

Even if the BMW`s subsidiary MINI, has announced some important changes concerning the reduction of its models, the carmaker is still yet faraway from ditching the Clubman model. The solid is proof: some spy shots revealed with the 2016 MINI Clubman by spy photographers from Motor Authority. To go back [...]

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MINI One 5-door 1.2-liter Engine

MINI One 5-door Coming with New Entry 1.2-liter Engine

The BMW`s subsidiary MINI, is planning to introduce a new engine for the base entry-level of its 5-door model, which will thus become less expensive once it will be launched on the market, somewhere in March. We are talking about the MINI One 5-door model which will receive a 1.2-liter [...]

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MINI Lineup

BMW Will Size Down MINI Model Lineup

Since the BMW`s important subsidiary British based MINI has encountered rough times in the past few years, especially for the 2014, the German carmaker has recently decided to size down the MINI lineup. This way, BMW would prefer less models but higher-end MINI products, this way reducing costs and reviving [...]

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Mini Superleggera Vision Concept

2014 Paris Motor Show: MINI Superleggera Vision Concept Showcased

The MINI Superleggera Vision Concept has finally arrived at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, previewing the company`s future models. The MINI Superlegegera Vision Concept will lead the way to the future MINI models, the roadster previewing a futuristic design, coming with an electric drivetrain, also seen on the next-gen BMW [...]

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Mini 5 Door

2014 Paris Motor Show: Mini 5 Door Body Style Unveiled

No more rumors, no more spied shots with the MINI five-door body style, as the attracting model was revealed some moments ago at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The MINI 5-door model is set to be more practical than the 3-door model, coming with some refreshed design cues, still keeping [...]

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MINI Five-Door Body Style

MINI Customer Favor Five-Door Model instead of Three-Door Body Style

According to recent surveys, MINI customers seem to favor the five-door model, instead of the three-doo body style version, even if the latter still continues to sell high worldwide. Perhaps the reason for this appealing version is the fact that the model is adding a few doors into the stretched [...]

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2014 MINI

2014 MINI Gets “Best-looking cars of 2014″ Award at “Minicars” Class

The 2014 MINI model has recently earned the title of the best looking car of 2014, a distinguished award given by the German magazine “auto, motor und sport.” The “Best-looking cars of 2014” has gathered 94 vehicles, each one fitted in ten categories, while 17.378 readers as well as online [...]

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MINI Superleggera Vision concept

MINI Electric Car Might Be Decided in the Next 6 Months

The BMW Gerrnan based is thinking big right now, as it stands between the bridge of whether to launch an electric MINI model or stay on the same path, by restricting the model to only seven versions. The news came from AutoNews online magazine, which quoted Peter Schwarenbauer, the board [...]

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MINI Ready to Become Electric Soon

MINI Ready to Become Electric Soon

The BMW`s subdivision MINI has big plans with its future models, as an electric version might hit the market soon enough. The evolution of the MINI carmaker was something inevitably, as the carmaker`s models have constantly suffered design and performance modifications. The new MINI electric was first previewed by the [...]

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JustPark and MINI

JustPark Gives MINI Easy Parking

MINI is the first car in the world to take advantage of the JustPark online service, that allows its users to reserve their parking directly from their car`s dashboards. With the help of the JustPark app, MINI`s registered drivers can now have the opportunity of navigating, finding and booking a [...]

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MINI One Hatch

MINI One Hatch Available in Australia from 24,500 AUD

The BMW`s subsidiary MINI automaker is ready to refresh its lineup in Australia, by launching the One Hatch model on the hot continent, with prices to start from 24,500 AUD. For the base entry-level MINI One Hatch, you will get a lot of fine tweaks, as the model has already [...]

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BMW Faces Extra Sales Increases

BMW Faces Extra Sales Increases

The BMW German based automaker faces other sales increase, as it managed to have a 7.3% figure in June, outnumbering its direct competitor Mercedes-Benz, again. We are talking here about an official report stating that the German company managed to exceed 1 million vehicles to be sold at the end [...]

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2015 MINI Paceman

The 2015 MINI Paceman Tweaked in Extravagant Body

The MINI models are slowly emerging at the surface, with the 2015 MINI Countryman to be launched in a four-door body, while the 2015 MINI Paceman seen here in the pictures to sport an extraordinary and extravagant body style. The 2015 MINI Paceman looks powerful and quite threatening, as it [...]

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2015 MINI Countryman

The 2015 MINI Countryman Coming in Four-door Body

The 2015 MINI Countryman has just been confirmed, the model coming in a premiere with a four-door body and some interesting features at the exterior and under the hood. The 2015 MINI Countryman is tweaked to have larger tailgate, five seats, as well as an optional all-wheel drive layout, which [...]

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MINI 5-door Hatch

MINI 5-door Hatch Already on Production Line

The MINI five-door Hatch is already on the production line, with the company`s plant at Oxford and Swindon to deliver the car on the market starting this November. The MINI 5-door Hatch will complete the company`s lineup, opening a “new market segment” at the same time, the model promising to [...]

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2015 MINI Cooper JCW

2015 MINI Cooper JCW Seen on Tests

Everybody is caught on camera these days, even if it is a BMW X1, or a BMW M2, which is now also the case of the upcoming MINI Cooper JCW, which was shot on some public roads out for some tests. Spy photographers from Inautonews online publication have managed to [...]

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MINI Cooper SD

MINI Cooper SD Coming in the UK Next Month

The BMW`s subsidiary, the MINI British automaker, will introduce its new Cooper SD model in the United Kingdom next month, the car being priced from £19,450. The MINI fans will be glad to receive the Cooper SD model in the UK, the new car coming with the BMW`s diesel engine [...]

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