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BMW announced results for the Mini E trial program

BMW Group decided to release the results of the trial program launched in the UK in December 2009. This project involved 40 Mini E electric vehicles and lasted for 12 months, until March 2011. The Oxford Brookes University analyzed the results and did the research, the final figures being more than satisfying for BMW’s sub-brand. [...]

BMW Group revealed results on Mini E tests

People at BMW revealed some time ago the results of some test regarding the Mini E electric model. You may ask me what I’m talking about over here. Well, BMW decided to give a number of more than 500 Mini E units to different people across U.S., Germany and England, and to collect the opinions [...]

BMW has plans in U.S. with the ActiveE

Here we got some awesome official news and I tried not to tell you this through the title of this article so that I will tell you in the content of this post. Yes, as you can see in the title, BMW has some plans in the U.S. market with the BMW ActiveE. The first [...]

MINI customers pleased of MINI E

A study commissioned by BMW and made by the University of California, Davis, shows that the most clients of MINI are generally happy with their cars, after six months of use. However, as the reports, dissatisfaction is the common so-called “range anxiety.” Although a fully loaded MINI E can keep the car moving over a [...]

515 Electric Mini E

BMW is proud to announce the introduction of its first completely electric vehicle the 515 Electric Mini E. The ambitious part is that 515 Electric Mini E is claiming a fairly incredible 240 Kilometres of driving, placing it at the forefront of mobility in today’s world thus offering more autonomy than previous electric vehicles. 515 [...]

New pictures of the Mini E

Even if BMW has decided to make only 500 Mini E, the model will continue to be a popular one. The full set of official pictures has be realest and we can now see exactly what the Mini E is made of. The stylish car has a black and yellow interior and the gauges with [...]

Mini E – only 500 cars

The Mini E was announced at the L.A. Show and the initial 500 pieces have already been created. Mini E had a great success, but BMW is not planing on going into mass production with this model. Next year, from the 500 lot, 450 cars will have to be sent back to BMW because of [...]

Mini E – Los Angeles

The Mini E was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The new hybrid car will soon hit the streets, unfortunately, only for Northern America. Yes, BMW has released 500 new Mini E with 204 horse power only for the American market. However, they promise to think about introducing the new Mini E to Europe [...]

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