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BMW Will Size Down MINI Model Lineup

Since the BMW`s important subsidiary British based MINI has encountered rough times in the past few years, especially for the 2014, the German carmaker has recently decided to size down the MINI lineup. This way, BMW would prefer less models but higher-end MINI products, this way reducing costs and reviving the entire MINI fleet. Out [...]

Mini Clubman Concept Going for 7 Seats while Countryman remains the Big Brother

The Mini Clubman concept was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with its six-door concept and now, the BMW subsidiary plant is aiming towards a 7-seat vehicle. The Clubman concept unveiled at the Swiss event is longer than the Countryman crossover with around 4.4-inches and also wider with a little two-inches. The chief at [...]

BMW entering in the rally by MINI

BMW intends to be involved indirectly in the rally through the collaboration between MINI and Prodrive to prepare for a future rally model on the basis of future crossover. Prodrive is a name with great experience in the rally, the Subaru’s traditional partner in the past. But as the Japanese gave up in the competition, [...]

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