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BMW recalls some i3 and 2014 Mini Cooper

Recalls are not that uncommon nowadays, with various manufacturers either forced or from their own volition trying their best to fix the mistakes that find their way in. BMW recently had to recall some models, or rather to expand an older recall. The issue is related to the airbag system, and the models that were [...]

Vehicle-Dependability Presumed to Affect BMW`s Mini Cooper

It is said that cars with small engines lead to improve fuel economy, but on the other hand, the process itself lead to a serious of problems that might affect the overall car`s engineering. It is actually the synopsis of a J.D. Power vehicle-dependability study, leading to a serious of statements saying that dependability has [...]

First spy photos with MINI Cooper S Facelift

Here we got some really cool spy photos with MINI Cooper S Facelift that are revealing us the full design of the car either that the car is camouflaged with camouflage stickers, we can still see the shapes of the car which are revealing us some updates made at the front and rear side. The [...]

BMW & Rolls Royce to build a MINI

Probably now you feel exactly what I felt when I first read these news. Yes, BMW is going to collaborate with Rolls Royce Auto Maker. More exactly, BMW just agreed that Rolls Royce is going to build a very luxury model of the little MINI Cooper. As I said before, when I first read these [...]

A BMW M3 E36 has found the end on Nurburgring

Nordschelife circuit at Nurburgring was fatal to a BMW M3 E36, which partially burned after acrossing a Mini Cooper in a high speed turn. Nordschleife circuit isn’t nicknamed in vain “Green Hell”. The number of accidents that occur on the 21 kilometers mountain long strip of asphalt in the south-west of Germany is directly proportional [...]

Mini Cooper crash test

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have recently performed a few tests. One of the cars which went under scrutiny was the Mini Cooper. Only 3 small cars from a total of 19 which were tested have managed to get great results, the Mini being one of them. The car is average when it comes [...]

2009 Mini Cooper Cabrio

The 2009 Mini Cooper Cabrio was finally released by the people from BMW, just a few days ago. The car is available in two different versions, the Mini Cooper Cabrio and the Mini Cooper S Cabrio. The first engine can offer 120 horse power with a 1.6 liter engine, reaching a speed of 123 mph [...]

Mini Cooper and 5 Series

BMW seems to be getting a lot of awards lately. At the Mondial de l’Automobile 2008 from Paris, the Mini Cooper and the 5 Series were declared the Most Appealing Compact Car and Most Appealing Midsized Premium Car. Apparently, all of the BMW customers are happy with their decision of buying such a vehicle and [...]

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