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Audi and Mercedes Tail BMW by just an Inch

Three German based automaker are claiming the crown of the overall sales, concerning the premium segment, with the Audi and the Mercedes-Benz carmakers to follow the top leader BMW, by just an inch. The two luxury German carmakers are quickly and closely following BMW, as the latter is only showing a sales increase of around [...]

BMW Group Leads Ahead in the 2014 Premium Race

The BMW Group has been a top constant presence on the premium market worldwide, providing the best vehicles and it seems that 2014 is also a lucky number for the German automaker, as it still keeps the first place. The BMW German based luxury automaker has just announced that last month the company managed to [...]

BMW Keeps Fire On in the US against German Competitors

The BMW is struggling to become the number one German automaker in the United States, against its tough competitors coming from the same country, namely Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The plans involve building another factory in Mexico as well as manufacturing the US aimed models, in order to keep up with the demand. The BMW automaker [...]

BMW Still Holding on the Brazilian Falling Auto Market

The Brazilian auto market is hitting the bucket bottom, after being one of the most flourishing market in the world. With all that, even if the situation seems to be getting just like in Europe, the BMW German based auto maker still holds pretty tight, since the premium segment “is growing as tax incentives” lead [...]

BMW`s DriveNow Car-Sharing Service to Be Expanded in 25 New US and Europe Cities

The classic rivalry between the Mercedes-Benz and BMW doesn’t stop not even when it comes to servicing programs being launched everywhere in the world. Perhaps the DriveNow car-sharing service program being launched ahead by BMW is a counterattack of the Daimler`s newly announced Car2go sharing service to debut in Rome. Thus, the BMW is planning [...]

Vehicle-Dependability Presumed to Affect BMW`s Mini Cooper

It is said that cars with small engines lead to improve fuel economy, but on the other hand, the process itself lead to a serious of problems that might affect the overall car`s engineering. It is actually the synopsis of a J.D. Power vehicle-dependability study, leading to a serious of statements saying that dependability has [...]

BMW is the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with

According to the 6th annual Automotive News Europe/SupplierBusiness OEM-Supplier Relations Study the Bavarians at BMW AG are the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with. This new survey shows that BMW rose to the top spot which if you consider that last year it ranked fifth.

BMW teams up with Mercedes in order to cut costs

BMW is the world’s largest luxury automaker, but it may be feeling Audi breathing down it’s neck which is why the Bavarian company announced a massive cost cutting program. BMW will get some assistance from a partnership with Daimler AG’s, Mercedes-Benz unit, in order to significantly reduce spending on components and suppliers by $5.2 billion by [...]

No BMW Audi R8 competitor

Ever since the release of the Audi R8, which rapidly became a best-seller, automakers around the world have been curious if other German competitors will work to come up with a model which would surpass the Audi R8 sales. Mercedes-Benz took on the challenge and developed a car that would belong to the same class [...]

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