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Manual 2013 BMW M5

BMW Will Kill the Manual for Future M Models

Where would the excitement of driving a manual car be if the fast growing technology in the auto industry is favoring the use of the automatic gearboxes? I personally drive a car with a manual transmission and I got to tell you that it really makes me a real driver […]

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3 years ago

Video: 2015 BMW M3 Sedan on Test Drives

Everybody is trying to test out the fresh 2015 BMW M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupe these days, as these are probably the best ever sportscars manufactured by the German based luxury automaker. This time, the 2015 BMW M3 Sedan was the star of some test drives being carried out […]

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4 years ago
Video: BMW M235i Coupe on the Roads for Tests

Video: BMW M235i Coupe on the Roads for Tests

The Car Throttle representatives have just issued some documents concerning the tests that the new BMW M235i Coupe has just been subjected to. A video has also been rendered with the coupe on the road. The BMW M235i Coupe was launched a few months ago, with the supercar being publicly […]

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