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Manhart Tunes Up BMW M235i

Manhart Tunes Up BMW M235i

The aftermarket specialists from the famous tuning company Manhart, have put some special features on the already sporty and high-performance BMW M235i. The tuning company Manhart has upgraded the BMW M235i both at the exterior, as well as under the hood, as the model in question received some upgraded performance. [...]

by June 8, 2014 0 comments BMW 2-Series, BMW Tuning News
267 days ago
BMW M135i by Manhart Rendered in Details

BMW M135i by Manhart Rendered in Details

Manhart has finally released some images with the BMW M135i upgrade in details, after the supercar was first introduced just some months ago at the Essen Motor Show alongside Manhart. The BMW M135i by Manhart is now detailed inside with a mixture of leather and Alcantara upholstery, contrasting with some [...]

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344 days ago
BMW M135i by Manhart

Manhart tunes the BMW M135i

The German specialists at Manhart released full details and photos for their new MH1 400 package. This tuning kit is designed for the BMW M135i and brings both styling and power tweaks. Under the bonnet, the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine is capable to produce 400 horsepower and 561 Nm of torque. [...]

by December 25, 2013 1 comment BMW 1-Series, BMW Tuning News
432 days ago
Manhart MH3 V8 RS Clubsport

E92 BMW M3 MH3 V8 RS Clubsport by Manhart unveiled

The F30 BMW 3 Series has started to make more and more appearances on the road, in showrooms and so on but really, it’s still a pretty rare catch. And when it comes to M3 levels, the E92 is still the car you’re looking at. This is why Manhart decided [...]

by December 23, 2011 0 comments BMW M3
1165 days ago
Manhart Racing BMW X6 M

BMW X6 M Tuning by Manhart

At 555 hp and 680 Nm of torque and being capable of reaching 170 mph (275 km/h), one would be more than satisfied by the power that the BMW X6 M can supply. But there will always be people that would want more and to cater to their wishes, tuning [...]

by September 10, 2010 0 comments BMW X6 M
1634 days ago