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Drag Race: BMW 1M Coupe vs. BMW X6 M50d

Drag Race: BMW 1M Coupe vs. BMW X6 M50d

Drag races usually offer us a fun way to test out different models and check out if the performance figures on papers match those on the tarmac. But there are drag races that involve more than just a figure comparison – they give us a reality check, especially if they […]

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9 months ago
2015 BMW X6

Video: 2015 BMW X6 Gets Official Promo

The BMW German based luxury automaker has launched the official promotional video with the high-end 2015 X6 model. The 2015 BMW X6 SAV was unveiled officially some weeks ago and now the famous model is in the spotlights again, while proudly showing off in a promotional video. The video is […]

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3 years ago
2014 BMW X5 Promo in Romania

2014 BMW X5 Promo in Romania

BMW, the German luxury car manufacturer, is launching a new campaign in Romania, for the promotion of its 2014 X5. The next-generation of the X5, which had an official launch last year in May, is now again in the spot lights with its new video promotional video and promotional shots. […]

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4 years ago
2012 BMW X6 M50d in Geneva

2012 BMW X6 M50d gets Geneva debut

Offered as the stylish member of the newest BMW M Performance diesel lineup, the 2012 X6 M50d got its Geneva debut. It’s not really one of my favorite choices of anything with a BMW badge on the front but the X6 M50d does make itself interesting. If you’re like me, […]

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6 years ago
2011 BMW X6

Second teaser of BMW X6 hits the web

Remember that blurred out BMW X6 the Bavarians released a video of while they were driving it vigorously on some beautiful roads? It just got back and it brought along more friends to tell us just how good it is. Also, the weather in the video of the upcoming BMW […]

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6 years ago