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Deeper into BMW M5 F10 Details

V8 bi-turbo unit of the BMW M5 F10 is taken from the X5 and X6M models and develops 555 hp on the two SUVs, but the power that this engine was optimized in the case of M5 is still secret. Torque of model will also be higher and the speed range that will be available [...]

Next BMW M5 F10 to be more environment friendly

Germans at BMW have developed many new technologies for the new M5, including active aerodynamics and 100% electric power steering, providing a similar feeling to that of a conventional system. At 25 years of the onset of the first BMW M5, Bavarian engineers are working on a model with a turbocharged engine, the first of [...]

The next BMW M5 will feature aluminum and carbon parts

These is great news because now we can say that we know all the details about the new BMW M5 that it is about to come next or at last most of them. Last time I talked to you about some renderings which are revealing a big part of the front and also the rear [...]

2011 BMW M5 Renderings

I can tell you that after BMW will launch this car will be very wanted by rich people because as you can see just by looking at the renderings, more exactly at the main photo it is very attractive and as we know, at the same time this 2011 BMW M5 will be very powerful, [...]

New Spy Photos: BMW M5 F10

Again, BMW M5 F10 has been caught testing. As you can see, the camouflage is exactly the same like at the second spy photos but these are still new spy photos of BMW M5 F10. There are also other news: BMW confirmed turbo V8 will replace V10 on 2011 BMW M5 F10.

Spy Photos: BMW M5 F10

As you can see, new spy photos with 2010 – 2011 BMW M5 F10 were captured while it was tested. Last time we saw 2010 – 2011 BMW M5 F10, it was spied at Nurburgring (read the post here) and it was way too camouflaged but you could see the front bumper, thing that you [...]

BMW M5 spied by WCF at Nurburgring

As you can see, this BMW model is camouflaged very well but if you are a real fan of BMW, you would realise that we talk about 2011 BMW M5. The guys from worldcarfans caught this BMW M5 while it was tested around Nurburgring. Easily I found on the internet that BMW M5 will cost $85,500. [...]

The 2009 BMW M5

  In 2005, BMW introduced a new monster engine, the 507 hp v10. The M5 was modified year after year esthetically, but the power of the engine remained constant. Now, the people from BMW are preparing the unveil of their strongest and perhaps “meanest” vehicle. With a new design and a powerful engine which develops [...]

The unreleased BMW M5 E34 Convertible

Back in the E34 era, BMW had plans to build the convertible version of the popular M5 model.  Engineers from Motorsport had indeed developed such a vehicle, with two lengthened front doors and four seats, which was very close to production. All the preparations were made: the price was set at 50,000 GBP and there [...]

iDrive for 2009 BMW M3, M5 and M6 Models

Autumn 2008 is the date from which the new iDrive generation will be available for 2009 BMW M3, M5 and M6. The system will have a new controller wheel surrounded by preference keys on the centre console surface. If you choose to go with the optional Professional navigation system, you will get an 8.8-inch control [...]

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