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F10 BMW M5 tuning by G-Power

G-Power is a tuner that has a bit of a love affair with the products of the Bavarians at BMW and they’ve just announced what they plan to do with the new F10 M5. We’re not getting too many pictures of what the new G-Power BMW M5 will look like but we do at least [...]

F10 BMW M5 finally gets manual gearbox

The current star in terms of performance for the Bavarians still has some news to offer us and it took the Detroit Motor Show start for us to hear about it. Unlike previous interior details, this addition can make a big difference in terms of excitement levels for the F10 BMW M5 as it changes [...]

F10 BMW M5 has more to say and do

Since it was unveiled such a long time ago, you’d think the latest iteration of the BMW M5, the 2012 F10 model was pretty familiar and didn’t have any more secrets. Well, that couldn’t be any more wrong. There’s still plenty to say about the latest four door supercar around and, unsurprisingly, most of it [...]

Video: F10 BMW M5 even does Christmas cards

The F10 BMW M5 is as close to a halo car as the Bavarians got this year and it’s now wonder, it seems like there’s no situation where it can’t be brilliant. Appearances can be deceiving so BMW’s M Division have decided to push the 2012 M5 trough another improbable test and, while at it, [...]

EVO races BMW M5 and main rivals

BMW’s M5 has always been a favorite of the automotive journalists, a halo car everybody looked forward to, so there may be a few too many positive reviews out there. But what happens when you take the Bavarian super sedan and line it up against its most important rivals? Can it still be worthy of [...]

F10 BMW M5 by G-Power teased

The latest in a line of epic cars from the special Skunkworks inside BMW is the F10 M5. It is the car that all sports sedans look up to and rightly so. All of the hype, positive reviews, loving fan base and even the actual performance of the F10 BMW M5 is not enough it [...]

2012 BMW M5 Frozen Silver seen at LA Motor Show

Though apparently focused on their return to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and their two main presences there, the hybrid 5 Series and the i Range, BMW knows the importance of the LA Motor Show. A lovely showcase at the American motor show in Los Angeles features the 2012 F10 BMW M5, with added goodness [...]

F10 BMW M5 speculation cleared

In the midst of everybody covering the F30 BMW 3 Series, Albert Biermann, Head of Product Development for the Bavarians got himself a break from questions about it. During a recent interview he was faced with plenty of questions that came up with considerably more interesting answers than we imagine as they’ve been related to [...]


The BMW M5 is one of the best models from BMW, it is the most powerful sedan in the world when it was launched and is based on the BMW 5 Series. Also, it was manufactured from 1985 to 1988. So far, BMW has produced and sold many M5s, this model reaching the 5th generation, [...]

Rumor; BMW M8 Hybrid?

It would seem that the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car the Bavarians at BMW rolled out to the public quite some time ago is still the inspiration behind some rumors. The most recent of them is that BMW are considering building a new model, a hybrid one no less.

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