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Brabham BMW M3 Coupe

A few days ago we discussed about the comeback of a tuning veteran: Brabham. They’ve made their official appearance at the 2008 Essen Motor Show with the Brabham BMW M3 Coupe, which is simply amazing. The teaser picture was great, but it can’t be compared with the original. The style of the Brabham BMW M3 [...]

BMW M3 downshift problem

Apparently, 2500 BMW M3 had a few problems with the double clutch gearbox. It only happens on the 2008 and 2009 M3 model and only if it has the DCT double clutch transmission. It seems that the problem appears on the downshift and BMW has developed a solution. If you don’t know if your car [...]

NFS Undercover: BMW M6 and M3 E46

A few days ago I have installed Need for Speed: Undercover and I’ve played it a little bit. I decided to put a 100% complete save game and I was very surprised that in my garage have appeared two bimmers: BMW M6 and BMW M3 E46. I tested the M6 and the M3 E46 and [...]

BMW M3 ALMS spy photos

BMW M3 ALMS was scheduled to launch next years. Its first appearance in an official race will take place at the Sebring race, in March of 2009. However, it was spotted in Atlanta at the Georgia track. Racing fans can now take advantage of four clear pictures of the new BMW M3 ALMS. Unlike most [...]

Hong Kong BMW Experience Event

The BMW Experience Events are some of the most fun seminar/driving events organised by the German automaker. This type of event is usually held four times a year in the US, in different locations around the country. Last year it all took place in Philadelphia, where BMW lovers were able to see some old, new [...]

BMW Canada Finally Lowering Prices

BMW Canada takes everyone by surprise by lowering prices on their BMWs, but only after years of complaints about Canadian prices, which are higher in comparison with the ones practicated in the US, especially since the CAD hit par with the USD. Therefore, the reductions are as followed: the new 3-series sedan and touring will [...]

The E92 BMW M3 Modded with CSL Techniques by Vorsteiner

American tuner Vorsteiner’s newest creation already has tuners from all four corners of the world taking notes, by working with the new BMW M3 and attempting to recreate the charm of the BMW CSL models, therefore showing what could have been. The BMW CSL cars had more power and lighter kerb weights in order to [...]

BMW M3 ALMS Seen on the Track

A member from just posted some photographs of a camouflaged BMW M3 ALMS on Monday, which rather came as a surprise for probably everyone. The BMW M3 ALMS was, of course, spotted on a race track. This camouflage technique has been seen many times on the BMW series models, so it’s rather famous. BMW [...]

The Impressive BMW E30 M3

The very first BMW M3 was based on the 1986 model year E30 3-Series, with a 2.3 liter I4 engine and ever since then the M3 has been of the BMW’s most successful projects, also setting new standards for those involved in the automotive industry. The BMW E30 M3 was different from the rest of [...]

V8 Engine Production Cut by BMW in Favor of Four-Cylinders Engines

BMW is searching ways to cut their large displacement engines production in order to focus on smaller and more efficient ones. The famous V8 engine, which was used in BMW’s high-end models such as the BMW 550i, 750Li or the new M3, is the first in line to suffer a decrease in production numbers. BMW’s [...]

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