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Why 2011 BMW M3 GTS is not going to U.S.

If you are an US citizen and also a fan of the BMW M3s and you really want to get this BMW M3 GTS, I think that you feel very disappointed right now or at last I would be but some of you may think that it’s a good reason not to buy such a [...]

BMW M3 Competition Package – just for Americans

BMW seems to love more the Americans than Europeans, because on this market, the American one, will bring for all the version of BMW M3 2011, the Competition Package, as optional. It’s clear, BMW does not want to give us a BMW M3 CSL, and for making us to look more envy to Americans, after [...]

VIDEO: BMW 335is Highlights and on Estoril circuit

Although the new BMW 335is has not been announced for the European market, the Bavarian model made a visit to the Estoril circuit in Portugal. Revealed a week ago, the new BMW 335is was officially presented in a press event held on the Estoril circuit. The Bavarian coupe, which fills the gap between 335i and [...]

Rumors about the 2011 BMW M3 competition package

Yes, there are some rumors about the 2011 BMW M3 competition package namely that it will emulate the M3 GTS which we talked about anything appeared on the internet so that if you want any other details, videos or anything like this, be sure that you will find it on the BMWcoop blog. Unfortunately, for [...]

VIDEO: BMW M3 by Royal Muffler

Americans from Royal Muffler tuned the BMW M3 E92/93. Here we have a video teaser. With over 30 years of experience in tuning cars, Americans from Royal Muffler introduce us their latest creation: BMW M3. I doubt you have heard of Royal Muffler before. Or at least not many of you. California tuning company boasts [...]

BMW will launch the 335is to be above 335i and below the M3

As you see, BMW is very active in the past time in the low number of series or better said, about the BMW 1 Series and also about the BMW 3 Series as you can see in the title. Anyway, rarely we hear some new things about the BMW 7 Series or about the SUVs [...]

BMW M3 E93 by Royal Muffler with photos and few details

This is a really interesting tuning of the BMW M3 and I even started wondering of when are them going to launch a new tuning of this cool and also very famous car named BMW M3. Anyway, as you see in the title, the time came for another tuning so I got my answer. The [...]

BMW M3 by Cargraphic

This is a very cool tuning from Cargraphic for BMW M3 Convertible. I think they did a great choice either this car has many other tuning versions, also videos and so on. From these tips we can take the conclusion that BMW M3 has many fans and I’m also one of them. The silver color [...]

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