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2015 NAIAS: BMW 2-Series Convertible with M Performance

2015 NAIAS: BMW 2-Series Convertible with M Performance

The BMW German based carmaker has recently introduced the BMW 2-Series Convertible at the 2015 NAIAS, in Detroit, the one-off sports car wearing the M Performance badges on the body style, cabin as well as under the hood. Perhaps it might seem a little odd launching a model under the [...]

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F82 BMW M4 with M Performance Aero Package

F82 BMW M4 with M Performance Aero Package

The F82 BMW M4 has been recently fitted by the European Auto Source with a custom M Performance Aero Package, the model being also showcased in the Sakhir Orange paintjob. The BMW F82 M4 with the M Performance aero package is a mixture between carbon fiber parts and aero components, [...]

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323 days ago
BMW X1 M Performance SUV Rumored

BMW X1 M Performance SUV Rumored

Every BMW model that comes out of the company`s plant doors is rumored to be followed, if successful, by an M Performance version, which is also the case of the X1 model, also rumored to come in the shape of an M Performance SUV. Up until now, the representatives from [...]

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BMW Launches 3-Series Performance Edition in South Africa

BMW Launches 3-Series Performance Edition in South Africa

BMW the German based luxury car manufacturer has finally announced the presence of its 3-Series Performance Edition in South Africa. The BMW 3-Series Performance Edition will be available on sales in South Africa, coming this May, with the car being equipped with significant tweaks. We are talking about the M [...]

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BMW Sub-M Performance Model for Younger Customers

BMW Sub-M Performance Model for Younger Customers

The M cars from BMW are well-known for their high-performance features in the entire world. But the prices that the German luxury automaker are asking for, are not always suit for every pocket, especially when it is aimed towards the young people segment. The segment is on a constant change, [...]

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Fresh New Spied G11 BMW 7-Series Ahead of Its Time

Fresh New Spied G11 BMW 7-Series Ahead of Its Time

BMW is caught again in the act with some leaked photos concerning the appearance of the upcoming 7-Series, using a cutting-edge technology concerning the usage of yet again carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The next generation of the 7-Series will fall under the protective wings of the G11 chassis and will [...]

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F30 BMW 3 Series Touring M Performance

F30 BMW 3 Series Touring M Performance package is right around the corner

Is Germany’s Essen Motor Show picking up speed? Certainly seems so, just like most shows that the motoring industry used to ignore up until a few years ago. Whatever people may be doing as they prepare for the show, BMW is announcing they’ll fit the bill by releasing a new [...]

by October 31, 2012 2 comments BMW 3-Series
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F30 BMW 3 Series M performance

F30 BMW 3 Series M Performance shown in Paris

Ever considered the Paris Motor Show as an occasion for glamorous event, one that you’d love to attend in hoping you’d see some great cars? That used to be the case but this year it was rather poor. BMW’s presence there didn’t really help the situation, as they don’t seem [...]

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BMW M Performance lineup

BMW M Performance boosts 2.0 liter diesel

While BMW have had quite a few interesting bit of news recently, their relatively newly introduced M Performance brand has kept quiet. Hoping to amend that, the special ops division came up with a performance tune for their very popular 2.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine. M Performance is a new [...]

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E88 BMW 135is

BMW M Performance division urges rebranding

When BMW introduced us to the idea of M Performance we thought the Bavarians were once again expanding their lineup of exciting models. We were wrong. Kind of. There have been some new models added to the list and some more will follow but that’s not the entire story. Some [...]

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1101 days ago
E89 BMW Z4

E89 BMW Z4 M Performance version – coming to Detroit

BMW have promised that the next generation of the BMW Z4 will shake some of its grown up, GT feel and get back to the youthful sporty roadster experience with the next generation. Until that happens, we’re to get an interesting surprise from the current E89 Z4 as it is [...]

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1105 days ago
F01 BMW 7 Series facelift

BMW M7 not happening after all

It seems that the Bavarians have gotten down to sorting out everything that was about the BMW M7 rumors we kept on hearing about lately. The sad result is the fact that the M division version of the 7 Series isn’t happening. We’re getting something pretty close though. They will [...]

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1143 days ago
F20 BMW M135i

BMW M235i headed for US in 2014

Good news for the United States. There’s plenty of added interest in the boosting the luxury market and as competition heats up more and more interesting cars will be headed for them. Though all the Germans are going to hit their market with a vengeance, the Bavarians are the ones [...]

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BMW M Performance

Copyright office leaks new BMW trademarks

I’m not sure on why trademark filings these days seem to be so loose in quickly getting to the media but I’m actually glad for it since we can find out good stuff quicker. For example, when it comes to BMW, their most recent recording efforts are simply amazing. They’ve [...]

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Frozen Paint M Performance E92 BMW M3

Frozen paint for more E92 BMW M3s

So you fancy one of those new M Performance BMW M3 models the Bavarian car maker has only just announced? So you think you’re ready for some (more) “Frozen” paint? Weirdly, so does BMW feel. That’s precisely why they’re shoving it down your throat with these final hurrahs of the [...]

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1188 days ago
BMW M Performance M3

BMW M3 and M5 Performance details

BMW have dropped the bomb on us with the M Performance versions of the M3 and M5 just a couple of days ago. Now that most of us have gotten used to the idea, the Bavarians have announced some of the details that make them special. Well, the stuff that [...]

by May 13, 2012 0 comments BMW M3, BMW M5
1208 days ago
M Performance BMW M5

BMW M Performance package for M3 and M5

The BMW M Performance story goes on and reaches a point we didn’t think would make too much sense. Two videos and announcements later our mind was changed. Bavaria’s finest will offer M Performance parts for what’s actually their top of the line product, the M Division’s creations. At the [...]

by May 10, 2012 0 comments BMW M3, BMW M5
1210 days ago
F30 BMW 3 Series racer

F30 BMW 3 Series racer unveiled in South Africa

South Africa, that’s right, the place with the recent FIFA world cup commotion and the land of the vuvuzela, was the place that spawned one very interesting BMW. It’s a racing version of the new F30 BMW 3 Series. There’s a lot more to say about it but just sync [...]

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F10 BMW M550 xDrive

BMW M Performance F10 5 Series presented

The SAVs will sell like hot cakes, but the M Performance sub-brand will certainly shift plenty of the F10 5 Series versions as well, so let’s grab a closer look at it. Under the new M Performance banner, the 5er is available in both sedan and estate shape and it [...]

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1315 days ago
BMW M Performance X5

BMW M Performance sub-brand shows off SAVs

The recently promised BMW M sub-brand has arrived and it presents itself with the special half-performance SAV models to begin the showing off process with. What we’re looking at here is typical branding and copyrighting prowess that gives hell to most average people trying to buy either of the BMW [...]

by January 26, 2012 0 comments BMW X5, BMW X6
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