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Do Smart Cars mean Lower Insurance Rates

How do new technologies in smart cars affect auto insurance rates? It is a bit early to tell definitively. There seem to be some good things coming “down the road” though. The term “smart” as it pertains to technology means that there is a sensing tool involved; smart heating units, for instance, adjust with the [...]

How to change a flat tyre

The proper way to replace a flat tyre with a spare is one of those life skills that is embarrassing to own up to being ignorant of, but if you have never been shown how to do it in a real situation (or if you have simply forgotten) then here is a simple check-list to [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop for UK Car Insurance Today

How to Spot a Great Deal on Car Insurance

There are many products that you purchase on a regular basis. For example, you may regularly purchase new clothes, food and other essentials for yourself and your family. Because you purchase these items regularly, you can easily spot a great deal when you stumble across one. However, if you are like many other United Kingdom [...]

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