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More details about BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid launching at Geneva

BMW has announced that will launch at Geneva Motor Show, the hybrid version of the 5-Series model. ActiveHybrid concept would give rise to a series version in the coming months. With few time before the official opening of the Geneva Motor Show, BMW announces that its stand will host a world premiere that few expected. [...]

BMW may debut the ActiveHybrid 5 concept

Before start talking about this concept, I must say that the 2011 BMW 5 Series is going to start being sold from June in the United States which is great for the 5 Series fans because these are signs that the BMW 5 Series is being very active including this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 which is [...]

BMW 5 Series hybrid confirmed for the Geneva Auto Show

Yes, we have confirmed that the BMW 5 Series is going to come with the hybrid version of it at the Geneva Auto Show. What we need are not pictures because I guess it will look just like the normal BMW 5 Series but we need to know many details. Now I would usually tell [...]

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