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BMW 2-Series Lineup by Hartge

The BMW German based luxury automaker has decided to partner with the famous aftermarket specialist Hartge to make some upgrades to the 2-Series lineup concerning the exterior as well as the performance. If you are the lucky owner of a 2-Series car and would like to upgrade your ride, just head on to Hartge specialist [...]

F10 BMW M5 gets a power hike from Hartge

Hartge gets yet again in our attention with a new package for the F10 BMW M5. According to the German tuner, the new kit brings both performance and styling tweaks. Under the hood, the stock 4.4-liter engine is now capable to produce 642 horses and 810Nm of torque. Thanks to the additional 82 horses and [...]

Hartge announced BMW X1 performance tuning kit

The German tuner Hartge prepared an upgrade kit for the new X1 generation developed by people at BMW. At the interior, people from Hartge decided to come with aluminum pedals, leather trims together with a new leather steering wheel and Hartge logos. New floor mats offered in various colors are available for the Hartge tuning [...]

BMW X6 by Status Design

Russian tuning companies may have taken a liking for the BMW X6, after the guys at Met-R and their Interceptor kit, a new package is available for it. The creation belongs to a Moscow-based tuning shop entitled Status Design and it brings an interesting approach to the X6.

Photos and Details about the custom 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge

If you get used to see cool tunings of BMWs, you should get off of this because this time is different. The 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge is not so impressive or at last not to me but I didn’t say that this 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge is not a cool tuning, [...]

Mega Photo Gallery with BMW X6 M by Hartge

One of my favorites tuning are for this BMW X6 or even BMW X6 M because these 2 cars are looking almost the same. One of the tunings for this car is the one made by Hartge so I decided to put a mega gallery with it on this blog. More exactly, what I did [...]

BMW X6 M by Hartge

The new BMW X6 M has already reached the hands of tuners. The first who had to deal with the most powerful SUV in the world currently have been the lucky guys from Hartge. And apparently they were a little intimidated, the V8 twin-turbo 555 hp remained untouched, curently. Also the exterior remained not very [...]

BMW M3 E92 – New add-ons by Hartge

Great German tuner, Hartge, has recently released the BMW E92 upgraded with a variety of accessories inside and outside. Some of the accessories added by Hartge to this incredible car from all points of view are: aluminum pedals, carbon fiber grill for the BMW M3 E92 coupe and convertible, aluminum handle and handbrake lever HARTGE [...]

Hartge – BMW 135i 350hp

Famous tuner, Hartge, has modified the BMW 135i with an ECU upgrade from 135i standard version with 306hp (3.0 liter engine inline 6-cylinder twin-turbo) up to 350 hp and a maximum torque of 354lb -ft. Because of this upgrade ECU, the car has a great 0-60mph acceleration of 4.8 seconds, with 5 seconds faster than [...]

BMW 1-Series Cabriolet and Coupe – New body kit by Hartge

The big company Hartge has announced a new body kit for BMW 1-Series Cabriolet and Coupe models. The new body kit is equipped with a roof spoiler which is included only for BMW 1-Series coupe, a front spoiler, a boot spoiler, a rear diffuser and also a stainless steel rear silencer. This new body kit [...]

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