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BMW 535d by Hartge (Hartge H35d)

Hartge reveals new tuning program for BMW 5 Series

It is true that the all-new BMW 3 Series has been in the spotlight in the last two weeks and this is why we will talk right now about another new model in the range, the sixth generation BMW 5 Series, also known as F10. The German manufacturer, Hartge, prepared [...]

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1228 days ago
Photos and Details about the custom 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge

Photos and Details about the custom 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge

If you get used to see cool tunings of BMWs, you should get off of this because this time is different. The 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge is not so impressive or at last not to me but I didn’t say that this 2010 BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge [...]

by January 3, 2010 0 comments BMW Tuning News, BMW Z4
1886 days ago
BMW X6 M by Hartge

BMW X6 M by Hartge

The new BMW X6 M has already reached the hands of tuners. The first who had to deal with the most powerful SUV in the world currently have been the lucky guys from Hartge. And apparently they were a little intimidated, the V8 twin-turbo 555 hp remained untouched, curently. Also [...]

by December 4, 2009 1 comment BMW Tuning News, BMW X6 M
1915 days ago
Hartge – BMW 135i 350hp

Hartge – BMW 135i 350hp

Famous tuner, Hartge, has modified the BMW 135i with an ECU upgrade from 135i standard version with 306hp (3.0 liter engine inline 6-cylinder twin-turbo) up to 350 hp and a maximum torque of 354lb -ft. Because of this upgrade ECU, the car has a great 0-60mph acceleration of 4.8 seconds, [...]

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