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BMW Vision Gran Turismo Stars Gran Turismo 6 Video Game

BMW doesn’t stand inside the box as it has just introduced the new star Vision Gran Turismo into the famous video game Gran Turismo 6. Play Station 4 has welcomed the fresh new Vision Gran Turismo into the latest edition of the well-known video game Gran Turismo 6. The BMW Vision Gran Turismo sports car [...]

BMW Vision Gran Turismo presented to the world

BMW is not your garden variety car maker, a fact proven not just by their sales figures, but also by their variety of models and their success. They go so far as to even create vehicles for the virtual world only, more specifically, for the Gran Turismo 6 video game. In charge of the project [...]

Gran Turismo 6 depicts the F82 BMW M4 brilliantly

It is not the first time we have mentioned the Gran Turismo video game series, or their love of performance cars. And BMW was certainly not left out of the game. In fact, the German car maker was represented in style. The good programmers of Gran Turismo 6, the latest iteration, deemed it necessary not [...]

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