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BMW i3 Electric and i8 hybrid to Compete with Tesla Motors

With the success that the German based manufacturer has had and still has with its two fresh i3 electric and i8 hybrid models, it is no wonder that the Tesla Motors is putting a lot of efforts in making the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Tesla doesn’t fear heavy competition on its shoulders from Ford or General [...]

BMW – GM fuel cell collaboration ended

Here’s another BMW hybrid and fuel efficiency collaboration announcement. This time it’s one of the negative kind. BMW has cut off any collaboration with General Motors they had on the matter of fuel cell technology development. Apparently this business will also be shared with Toyota. The announcement comes in just days after the agreement with [...]

BMW experimenting with electronic noise canceling technology

Noise canceling technology sounds to a purist like a cap on sound of his beloved engine, but in reality, it is a very important area of development in the automotive industry. While the noises produced by a vehicle don’t have a direct influence on fuel efficiency, soundtracks are important because they are often a prime [...]

Motors Liquidation Company sues BMW

Motors Liquidation Company has announced its intention to sue the BMW company for breach of contractual terms. Motors Liquidation Company, the Americans responsible for the liquidation of assets that remained in the ownership of General Motors Corporation will sue the Germans from BMW for violating the terms of the contract in a deal with the [...]

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