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2016 BMW 7-Series Leaked

The G11 BMW 7-Series is finally here, as the model has been recently leaked in some shots, revealing the model from different angles. This should be enough to form a strong opinion on how the vehicle would look like. The BMW 7-Series is supposed to be launched sometime this year, becoming the direct opponent of [...]

G11 BMW 7-Series Will Tweak B &W Audio System

Since the present model is still using the Bang & Olufsen audio system, the upcoming 7-Series is rumored to come with a different audio system, which will perfectly complement the car`s iDrive system. As said, rumors state that the upcoming G11 BMW 7-Series will be installed inside with a state of the art and hi-fi [...]

G11 BMW 7-Series Spied Wearing the New iDrive system

Rumors with the G11 BMW 7-Series coming with a new iDrive system have now been confirmed, as the model was caught on shots, wearing the refreshed iDrive system. Now, all the latest innovative technologies are put together in this extraordinary system, which was once considered dangerous for the driver. But what innovation does it bring [...]

Fresh New Spied G11 BMW 7-Series Ahead of Its Time

BMW is caught again in the act with some leaked photos concerning the appearance of the upcoming 7-Series, using a cutting-edge technology concerning the usage of yet again carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The next generation of the 7-Series will fall under the protective wings of the G11 chassis and will make its way into the [...]

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