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2018 BMW X7 Is on the Go, Will Be Launched in Europe Too, Australia Would Follow

2018 BMW X7 Is on the Go, Will Be Launched in Europe Too, Australia Would Follow

For the last month, the upcoming of the 2018 BMW X7 has created quite a stir, the model being the subject of long debates, rumors, reports or online renderings. But a couple of days back, officials from the German based carmaker have decided to give us some clues on the […]

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F25 BMW X3

BMW will not change financial predictions for 2012

November hasn’t been with us for that long. Despite this, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard at least 10 stories about financial problems so far this month. Sure enough, there are plenty of problems out there and there are some serious bits of number crunching that need to be done […]

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4 years ago
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BMW speaks of incentives, profits and future

Given the company’s ever constant presence at the top of the luxury car market pile you’d have to admit that BMW knows a little bit about finances. So what do they have to tell us right about now on the sales and profits fronts? Well, something rather unexpected. The Bavarian […]

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Classic BMW owners get their own online shop

The latest model, the quickest, the finest, whatever else you may want from the newest BMW you can have that in just about any town during regular business hours. However, if you’ve been bit by the nostalgia bug, you’ll find that getting spare parts for older models is a little […]

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BMW is the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with

According to the 6th annual Automotive News Europe/SupplierBusiness OEM-Supplier Relations Study the Bavarians at BMW AG are the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with. This new survey shows that BMW rose to the top spot which if you consider that last year it ranked fifth.

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BMW wants more people to custom order the X3

BMW is not content with having the global crown for sales in the luxury department, they want to win over the American market by moving them away from Lexus and in order to achieve this they are pushing their BMW Individual program. Basically what they want stateside buyers to do […]

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