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F30 BMW 3 Series interior

BMW to make DAB radio standard across range

As car makers refine their hardware further and further it is becoming harder than ever to make cars that stand out. This is why market leaders like BMW need to think laterally. Toys and accessories that can soon be fitted to the interior recently got massive boosts of work. A [...]

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831 days ago
E92 BMW M3 Frozen Silver

E92 BMW M3 Frozen Silver limited edition

I will admit it; I’m bored with the BMW M3. Mostly with the E92 coupe version and the way instead of bringing out the F30, we keep getting stuff like this. Slated as one of the last versions of this generation’s M3 to ever be made (could it finally be [...]

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1042 days ago
F30 BMW 3 Series

U.S. order guide for the F30 BMW 3 Series leaked

Some may feel like the brand new F30 BMW 3 Series is already nothing more than old news but that’s simply not the case. A leaked ordering guide for the U.S. tells us plenty of stuff about it that we didn’t previously know. While the F30 versions of the BMW [...]

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BMW HUD developed to be aircraft grade

Doing its bit to prevent the seconds lost by drivers everywhere taking a quick peek at the dashboards of their cars, BMW is one of the biggest promoters of HUD systems out there. The HUD (Head Up Display) system may be annoying to some, not perfectly visible in certain conditions [...]

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1217 days ago

BMW Canada Finally Lowering Prices

BMW Canada takes everyone by surprise by lowering prices on their BMWs, but only after years of complaints about Canadian prices, which are higher in comparison with the ones practicated in the US, especially since the CAD hit par with the USD. Therefore, the reductions are as followed: the new [...]

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