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2014 E89 BMW Z4

2014 E89 BMW Z4 facelift shown off in Detroit

I hate going along the same route but I would have really loved to see a manufacturer mess up and mess up big at an official event. Unfortunately, the Bavarians are not the ones to provide such an unusual satisfaction. They’ve kept their promise regarding the E89 BMW Z4 facelift [...]

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775 days ago
E89 BMW Z4 facelift

E89 BMW Z4 receives small facelift

We’re all fascinated with new products from BMW these days. Unfortunately, most of them, as sporty and great as they are, tend to be big sedans or crossovers. Those who still love the purist side of the car rejoice at the thought that BMW is still making the Z4 roadster. [...]

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803 days ago
Hamann BMW Z4M

Hamann BMW Z4M Roadster

Hamann has always been a tuning company that took lary versions of BMW cars, particularly M division and gave them more. ¬†Of everything. Well, they’ve recently announced that their next target is the Z4M (E89) and what they have in stock for this car is nothing short of spectacular.

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1768 days ago
E89 BMW Z4 – Spied again

E89 BMW Z4 – Spied again

One of the Autoblog’s readers, Charlie Hung spotted the new generation E89 Z4. The car has spotted on roads in Southern of California and Charlie has captured three shots with his mobile phone’s camera. I think that BMW Z4 will catch the same engine of BMW 3-Series and Z4 M [...]

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