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E70 BMW X5 gets restyled by Prior Design

Prior Design releases photos and details on their new tuning kit for the BMW X5. We talk about the E70, not exactly the newest model in the range but even so, we are sure that there is still plenty of interest for this car. At the exterior, the tuner offers new front and rear bumpers, [...]

BMW’s recall extends into Australia

Recently BMW issued a recall involving the E70 BMW X5, with 1.540 units being called into the shops for fixes. The problem discovered by the NHTSA put the fuel filter heater at fault, and while no incidents cause by it were registered, there are certain risks. While at first the problem seemed to only affect [...]

BMW issues a 1.540 units E70 X5 recall

It seems that even premium manufacturers like BMW are sometimes plagued by faulty merchandise and are forced to issue recalls. The most recent debacle involves the E70 BMW X5 model, and problems affect some 1.540 units. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that said units have a faulty fuel filter heater installed that [...]

E70 BMW X5 virtually impossible to steal

Aparently the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) doesn’t just investigate vehicles and demand recalls from car makers. Recently, they also conducted a survey to see which cars are the most or the least stolen in the USA. It should come to no surprise that BMW’s E70 X5 managed to get a very good score. [...]

BMW recalls 30,000 E70 BMW X5

If you own an E70 BMW X5 with 8-cylinder engine which was produced between October 2006 and March 2010 you have to go to the nearest BMW Dealer because your BMW has issues with power brake failure. Your E70 BMW X5 has a problematic vacuum hose and the brake power steering can fail because of [...]

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