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2003 E46 330 BMW 3 Series Tuning by Davide Girardi

Davide Girardi is an ordinary 22 year old guy crazy about BMW. Just like me. He told me that the tuned car is entirely his merit. He was born on July 2, 1991, in Italy, and he loves tuning in all its forms… after obtaining the driving license he purchased his first car, a 330 [...]

F80 BMW M3 still has a few surprises in store

Isn’t it nice? We thought we already knew quite a lot about the F80 BMW M3 and yet the Bavarians have something extra in store. As reports trickle in, the next generation of the M3 will still be surprising when it comes out. Until then however, there’s a few things we will still have find [...]

NFS Undercover: BMW M6 and M3 E46

A few days ago I have installed Need for Speed: Undercover and I’ve played it a little bit. I decided to put a 100% complete save game and I was very surprised that in my garage have appeared two bimmers: BMW M6 and BMW M3 E46. I tested the M6 and the M3 E46 and [...]

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