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E46 and E92 BMW M3

Two BMW M3s duke it out on the track

We all enjoy a nice drag race, and if you are a BMW enthusiasts, chances are that when a Bimmer beats another brand, you immediately display a smile. But what happens when both sides of the confrontation sport a model from the German car maker? Who do you root for? [...]

by May 8, 2014 0 comments BMW M3
447 days ago
E46 BMW M3

E46 BMW M3 coping with snow

With the winter here, the discussion against RWD vehicles is again brought into play, a discussion most Bimmer owners are already tired of. And while I have personally experienced a near crash with a BMW last winter, I never condemned the vehicle or its drive system. Fact is that for [...]

by December 28, 2013 0 comments BMW M3
577 days ago