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BMW M5 Video Screenshot

Do You Fancy the Revving Sound of These Four Different BMW M5s?

I purely love BMW for all that it has done for the auto industry, making its way into the world with unique and impressive models, and the M5 is set to be another iconic model that has set the benchmarks in terms of innovation and performance. And now we have […]

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3 months ago
Crazy BMW driver

The craziest BMW driver alive

We don’t have more information about this man or location, but we can say that we don’t recommend you to try the same with your BMW. He is a good driver, he drives and makes drifts on the streets with an E34 BMW M5. He put in danger the other […]

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3 years ago
The unreleased BMW M5 E34 Convertible

The unreleased BMW M5 E34 Convertible

Back in the E34 era, BMW had plans to build the convertible version of the popular M5 model. ¬†Engineers from Motorsport had indeed developed such a vehicle, with two lengthened front doors and four seats, which was very close to production. All the preparations were made: the price was set […]

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7 years ago