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The Dubai Police force adds an F10 BMW 5 Series to the lot

By now it is well known that the Dubai Police force owns a wide variety of rare, expensive or at the very least interesting (see Renault Twizy) vehicles. The latest to join the ranks is an F10 BMW 5 Series, draped in the already famous white and green paint job. As most BMW 5 Series [...]

BMW’s Energy & Environmental Test Center got a special visitor

The special visitor in question is none other than Katarina Witt, former ice skating figure and two-time Olympic champion at that. Now that you know who the visitor is and what her background is you’ve probably guessed why she’d want to visit BMW Group’s Energy and Environmental Test Center. In case you’re not sure, it’s [...]

Dirtiest BMW M6?

I have never seen a dirtier bimmer than this M6 located in Dubai. I can’t imagine what is in the owner’s mind… don’t know. My favourite BMW car is M6 and when I saw the pics on the internet of dirtiest BMW M6, I didn’t felt good. Now please see more pictures with the car… [...]

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