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BMW Driving Experience course

BMW Driving Experience Program video available

Driving a BMW never was supposed to be something boring to handle but this time the Bavarians are just flaunting it. Or maybe they’re trying to attract more people. Not to sell new cars but to teach the new or old owners of their products how to make the best [...]

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BMW M Division anniversary

BMW M division turns 40

There’s not a lot of fanfare about it but the truth is that this is a big deal. BMW’s famed M division is turning 40 this month. Over 40 years of existence they’ve given us countless dream machines and some very successful racing cars in all sorts of competitions around [...]

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Hong Kong BMW Experience Event

Hong Kong BMW Experience Event

The BMW Experience Events are some of the most fun seminar/driving events organised by the German automaker. This type of event is usually held four times a year in the US, in different locations around the country. Last year it all took place in Philadelphia, where BMW lovers were able [...]

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BMW Helping Disabled Vets Get Back Behind the Wheel

BMW Helping Disabled Vets Get Back Behind the Wheel

BMW amazed the public by recently donating a few cars, some instructors and one of its test tracks to an injured Marine training class, to allow them to learn performance driving techniques, but not just like that. They did this behind the wheel of some desirable BMW vehicles, such as [...]

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