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BMW XS Concept

BMW XS – an odd crossover concept

It’s not uncommon for design students or amateurs to have a go at drawing whatever interesting concepts they can think of. As BMW makes dream cars, it happens quite often for the Bavarians. The newest such creation comes from a Romanian self-thought 2D/3D modeller, designer, artist and overall creative person. […]

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6 years ago
BMW 8 Series Coupe Concept

Ismet Cevik imagines BMW 8 Series Concept

There’s plenty of things we want from BMW, most of which are toys and accessories but there’s plenty of cars added to the mix as well. Of the latter category, the BMW 8 Series is most likely the most desirable option around. Sadly, the Bavarians aren’t very keen on giving […]

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6 years ago
2011 BMW X5

BMW Designer gets picked up by Hyundai

As much as we love our favorite German carmaker and as much as we’ve been keeping our eyes on them, apparently there’s a few things going on with the rest of the automotive industry. One of the most notable such event of recent times is the leaping forwards of the […]

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6 years ago
Russian BMW render

Russian render of a BMW Sports Coupe

BMW concepts always incite the mind, BMW renders almost do better. To this respect the latest render to come from Russian designer Krasnov Igor. This time, Igor unleashed his creativity on our favorite manufacturer’s coupe, more importantly a very extravagant BMW supercar. While you might not see a way for […]

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8 years ago