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Commercial: Akrapovic Shows M2 Coupe with Custom Exhaust System

Commercial: Akrapovic Shows M2 Coupe with Custom Exhaust System

If you were wondering why the sheer number of customized BMW M2 Coupes by different aftermarket shops, the answer is quite simple: it comes with the perfect aerodynamics and body styling cues, which make it easy to customize both at the exterior as well as underneath the skin. The last […]

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6 months ago
Video: MINI Clubman Pops-Up in 2016 Super Bowl Ad

Video: MINI Clubman Pops-Up in 2016 Super Bowl Ad

The 2016 Super Bowl has just begun and a lot of carmakers are rushing in to display their latest models in different commercials, also involving superstars around the world. Since this is America`s biggest sporting event, BMW`s main subsidiary MINI has also come up with an innovative ad. The British […]

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1 year ago
BMW M4 Convertible

Video: BMW M4 Convertible Commercial Kicked Off from UK

The BMW M4 Convertible has been recently seen on a commercial, highlighting the way it is driven on a track race, for which it has been banned in the UK. The reason for being kicked off from UK was that the commercial is apparently promoting a careless and reckless driving […]

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2 years ago
BMW i8 Seen in New Commercial

VIDEO: BMW i8 Seen in New Commercial

The BMW i8 is ending up in our news again, as the hybrid sportscar is showcased in a new promotional video, revealing all the power that it comes with. In case you are addicted to the i8, then you should watch this short video with the BMW i8 being teased […]

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3 years ago
2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4 Gets Commercial in World Premiere

The 2014 BMW X4 is now officially launched in a premiere with the help of a commercial previewing that the model is ready to make its worldly debut. The commercial with the 2014 BMW X4 is starting by previewing the vehicle in a short presentation about the surroundings involved, then […]

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3 years ago
BMW i8 Spotted in Commercial at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

BMW i8 Spotted in Commercial at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Things are rolling better and better for BMW, which has recently placed a commercial, showing the i8 green at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The BMW i8 green car is in the spotlights once again, with the occasion of the Sochi Olympics, involving the super car in a promotional clip. To […]

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3 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series

F10 BMW 5 Series commercial gets drivers in trouble

In any given situation, conversation about BMW cars turns to driving feel, pleasure and general well being attributes. Especially when it comes to the 5 Series. The mid-sized luxury sedan is simply joyous in just about every aspect, particularly when it comes to its drivers benefits. Despite this, BMW have […]

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4 years ago
F10 BMW M5

Video: BMW M5 Bullet commercial

Who says TV is something the Internet doesn’t care about anymore. We asked for Internet hooked up TV sets, we have some of the sexiest adds on TV and now there’s this. It’s BMW’s newest commercial for what’s possibly their most sought after model, the F10 M5. The commercial is […]

by June 23, 2012 0 comments BMW M5
5 years ago
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe gets new commercial

After seeing a new BMW commercial from the Americans at BMW USA, the Bavarians have readied one for the British/European market. The new advert focuses on their newest and most glamorous product to date; the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, the four door version of the F12/F13. There’s a new […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW M5

BMW USA launches new commercial

Given the title of this blog, the most used word on it and the constant praise of a certain brand, one could easily identify us as being BMW fanboys. Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t, one thing’s certain – we just love it when BMW hits the jackpot in the […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series

F10 BMW 5 Series gets a funny commercial

BMW, a German company that claims to make fun to drive automobiles yet makes some of the most clinical and businessman-like cars out there. On some levels, that is, sadly true. But then, there’s a whole lot of good stuff in the BMW brand to even that out. Even in […]

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5 years ago
BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The missing BMW Super Bowl commercial

The Super Bowl is easily the most popular sports event of the beginning of the year and though some watch it for the game, plenty watch for the show that comes around it. An enormous part of that show’s appeal really is the commercial break in between. BMW participated with […]

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5 years ago
F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW UK launches new F30 3 Series ad

We tend to be very aware of what BMW is offering, what the new cars are like and what sort of features come with them. For those that don’t, there’s always advertising. Just because we’ve gotten to know the F30 BMW 3 Series on paper, doesn’t mean we can’t get […]

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5 years ago
BMW M5 video commercial with Madonna

BMW M5 video commercial with Madonna

First I have to admit that video is 2 years old but it deserves a lot to be reminded because it is very funny and if you are smart enough, it is also very interesting because it shows up the abilities of BMW M5 E39 which can be considered the […]

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7 years ago