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BMW Planning New Low-Emission Vehicles to Deal with Stringent Limitations

The BMW German based automaker is somehow forced to change its fuel-consumption policies since more stringent limitations have been set to deal with polluting emissions. Thus, the company has to deal with the new limits imposed on the CO2 emissions in the regions that the automaker operates, like Europe, Asia and the US. And since [...]

FWD Bimmers a necessary evil

When you think BMW, you think either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, and that is part of the appeal of the German brand. And truly, for a sound experience of a premium, performance car, a BMW seems to be the right choice. But things might not remain quite so pure for long, as [...]

BMW lies about the real CO2 emissions

As you might know, come 2020, the European emission standards are going to be stricter. And while the car makers all struggle to get greener cars on the road, some find it harder than others. BMW is a prime example for not going down without a fight in the CO2 emissions struggle. While they are [...]

European CO2 emission standards too high for BMW

The year 2020 is creeping closer and car makers are struggling to meet the new CO2 emission standards set for Europe. Volkswagen is already well underway to meet that deadline. And while all car makers agree that the environment is important and do want to help protect it, some might think that the new standards [...]

BMW will be present at UN Climate Change Conference

BMW will take part in period 7 to 18 December at the UN Climate Change Conference climate summit in Copenhagen. There will be activities for fighting against climate change, BMW will also provide environment friendly cars for UN shuttle service. Dr Norbert Reithofer, BMW AG’s Chairman of the Board of Management said that they are [...]

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