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BMW design:what direction?

We’ve all been there, we all know the massive controversy that came along with Chris Bangle’s work at BMW and some still rejoice in knowing that something like the E60 5 Series will never happen again. In all the Bavarians have announced that they will produce cars that from now on will synchronize with global [...]

BMW considering a new model: The X4

Seeing how the BMW X6 has had a tremendous success, the Bavarians are seriously considering the creation of a smaller brother for it. Since it’s launch back in 2008 the BMW X6 has sold over 80.000 units so it would only make sense to make a smaller, more affordable version of it.

Interview with the great designer Chris Bangle

After withdrawing from BMW, Chris Bangle search to find a new purpose in his life and work. American designer could create the design philosophy of the future: next-generation car. CAR has made an extraordinary interview with perhaps the greatest car designer: Chris Bangle. CAR magazine has managed to present a part of man Bangle and [...]

BMW 5 Series E60 – Stop Production in December

BMW 5 Series E60 was a controversial model, is considered the purest expression of misunderstood genius Chris Bangle. The controversy will continue only until December this year. BMW 5 Series E60 occurred in 2004, creating a lot of controversy because of cutting-edge design, Chris Bangle mark.

Chris Bangle leaves BMW and auto industry!

At 53 years, BMW’s head designer, namely the american Christopher Bangle left BMW brand and auto industry and will focus on his own design projects that are not in auto industry. Also, Bangle became the BMW’s chief designer in 1992 and he designed the BMW Z9 Gran Turismo. The BMW’s chief developement, namely Klaus Draeger [...]

Concepts of the future from BMW

Students from the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy, in a collaboration with BMW, participated in a project to create BMW future concepts. They all focused on the language, evolution and the trademark essence of BMW, in order to form the company’s future perspectives and try to figure out what the 2015 BMW concepts [...]

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