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2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Spy Shots in China

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Spy Shots in China

Couple of weeks ago there was too much fuss about the upcoming BMW models coming with an all-wheel drive layout, while the next-generation BMW 1-Series Sedan was also rumored to come with a front-wheel drive configuration, which is set to be cheaper, thus making the heavy competition against the Mercedes-Benz [...]

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BMW Forced to Drop Prices in China

BMW Forced to Drop Prices in China

The BMW German based automaker, which is also the biggest automaker in the world, has recently joined the list of dropping prices, standing now side-by-side with Audi, Mercedes-Benz or the Jaguar Land Rover. Since there seemed to have been an anti-competitive process between the aforementioned models, the China`s government decided [...]

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BMW Group Still Plans Big for Second Quarter 2014

BMW Group Still Plans Big for Second Quarter 2014

Nobody is debating the leading position that the BMW Group has also taken for the 2014 year, but the German based luxury maker doesn’t rest on its laurels and still thinks big ahead, for the second quarter 2014. Thus, CEO Norbert Reithofer stated in a shareholders meeting the other days, [...]

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BMW to Reconsider a Wider “I” Range of Electric Cars

BMW to Reconsider a Wider “I” Range of Electric Cars

Rumors stated that due to the first model which managed to surpass expectations of selling more than 11,000 units worldwide since November, the BMW automaker is said to expand the range of the i-branded electric range. But the production chief at BMW, Harald Krueger, said that the company won`t be [...]

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F20 BMW 1 Series

BMW posts October sales results

October ended sufficiently long ago for the sales numbers to be available for this month that passed. In short, things really look good for BMW.. If it’s detail that worries you, it shouldn’t be a major concern since things look pretty good when under the microscope as well. Unsurprisingly, it’s [...]

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BMW sales

BMW admits to moving cars from Euro to US

Got the salt? How about the pepper? Great, here’s what’s going on, BMW admit to moving a vast amount of cars around the world. Well, it’s not the literal version, there’s nothing illegal to talk about and the news itself isn’t that big. The trigger is what made thins blow [...]

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2013 BMW X1

BMW Group sales in China grow considerably in September

Not that I’m the sort of guy who can’t be humble but boy did BMW stick it to the economy last month. Even in China where things are a melting pot, the Bavarians sold a lot of cars. China is an enormous market anyway but for last month BMW got [...]

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2011 BMW M3

BMW improves used car services for China

Here’s a heartwarming bit of news from the Bavarians at BMW and their sales efforts. We’re not looking at the competition, statistics or sales figures. BMW have announced that they plan to expand their involvement with used cars, particularly in China. We’re not sure this is to wash off anywhere [...]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW Group achieved record sales for Q1 2012

It’s another success story from the BMW Group’s sales department. April’s first week with us has been rather uneventful but it did bring along a new batch of results. The 2012 Q1 results of the BMW Group once again have the word “record” attached to the title since it’s the [...]

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F30 BMW 3 Series LWB

F30 BMW 3 Series LWB officially announced

We’ve known for a while how the demands of the Chinese car market tend to make just about every major car maker bend to its will and BMW is now announcing the latest product to come from this. It is the LWB (long wheelbase) version of the new F30 BMW [...]

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2012 BMW X3

BMW sales on the rise in January

It seems like our favorite German manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about its future any time soon. Why? Because we just got last months figures in. In terms of sales, January 2012 went very well for BMW as they managed a 6.6% increase when compared to the first month of [...]

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F30 BMW 3 Series

F30 BMW 3 Series LWB created for Chinese market

It’s no secret the sort of market China has grown to be or is expected to grow further in the nearby future so it’s no surprise to see manufacturers cater to the People’s Republic. The latest “tailored for this market” car in the lineup comes from our favorite car maker [...]

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BMW X5 Generations

BMW X5 number 1.000.000 rolled off the production line

BMW’s SUV has just passed an important marker in the life of any car, the “first million” to be produced since the debut the X5 had back in 1999. The “round figure” BMW X5 sold was an anniversary edition xDrive35i, featuring a sapphire black metallic finish with cinnamon brown Nevada [...]

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BMW 5 Series

Echo 5 Series BMW to be unveiled in Beijing

BMW has recently announced it’s plan for electric vehicles and further more they will be bringing forward a special edition of their latest 5 Series sedan. This 5 Series will be set apart from the rest of the BMW 5 Series range in being electric.

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The 2011 BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase has been launched in China

The 2011 BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase has been launched in China

Here we got some really great news for the Asia citizens but most important, for the China citizens because as you can see in the title, the 2011 BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase has been launched in China and with this launch, we also got some new photos and where should [...]

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2011 BMW X1

BMW X1 to be built in China

I don’t think this is so important when you choose a car namely where it is built. It’s true, there are some people looking to the country where the product is built but there are still human hands and not alien hands or at last this is what I think. [...]

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BMW unlikely to build the 7 Series in China

BMW unlikely to build the 7 Series in China

Yes, there are some chances to happen this and I’m so much against it but all I can do is just to tell you why I don’t like this move. Well, I don’t like this idea because the BMW 7 Series is a very luxury car and it deserves so [...]

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BMW 1 Series – Made In China

BMW 1 Series – Made In China

Earlier last week, the news were released on internet: BMW 1 Series is about to be built in China. The news appeared in China Car Times and this is about to happen in the next years. More exactly, this can become reality at the begining of the next year. There is [...]

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German Pricing for BS4 Sedan Announced by China’s Brilliance

German Pricing for BS4 Sedan Announced by China’s Brilliance

BMW’s partner in China, Brilliance Auto, announced this week that from the 25th of August its BS4 compact sedan will be available in Germany. The Pininfarina designed sedan is 4.65 meters long, its length surpassing a BMW 3-Series sedan’s, and comes with a choice between two naturally aspirated 4-cylinder gasoline [...]

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