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BMW i lineup

BMW CEO confirms efforts on electric car development

In the past BMW have won quite a few awards for various achievements related to their business. Though I’m a big fan of the engine of the year ones, the favorite is else were. The constant stream of sustainability titles is what I love the Bavarians for. Essentially, they’re not [...]

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F01 BMW 7 Series facelift

BMW M Division may get more work

Those wacky business folk, they always drive around in their clown cars, wear lime green shoes and have flowers that squirt water in their top pocket. Actually, that’s exactly the opposite of business men and their conformism sometimes makes the cars made for them very annoying. Despite this, some of [...]

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BMW rabbit add no longer true

More news on BMW front wheel drive model

According to sources quoted by with egmCarTech, BMW have recently held a clinic group study on the east coast and west coast to show owners a new entry-level hatchback. The model, which will fit below the 1-Series (which is odd since I was thinking the 1 Series was going to be [...]

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Shuanghuan CEO – BMW X5 replica

Shuanghuan CEO – BMW X5 replica

The car in the picture looks familiar, doesn’t it? This is what the people from BMW though when they pressed charges against the Shuanghuan CEO, a car which seems to be the sister of the X5. The trial is finished and the judge has decided that the two cars have [...]

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BMW’S Twin-Powertrain “Mega City” Car Plans Revealed by Reithofer

BMW has been rumored to revive its Isetta brand as “Project i”, which is the company’s eco-centric think tank, for a year now. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has now revealed the fact that the German automaker is working on a two-powertrain vehicle, which will be combustion and electric-powered for major [...]

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BMW’s “Project i” City Car

BMW’s “Project i” City Car

BMW has been speculated to launch a new generation of ultra-efficient city cars ever since the release of its official strategy outline in September last year. March this year was when Norbert Reithofer, BMW’s CEO, declared that the German automaker had plans for a new environmental think-tank – “Project i”. [...]

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BMW’S Plan for Range-Topping X7 SUV cancelled

BMW’S Plan for Range-Topping X7 SUV cancelled

Due to economic problems in the US and Europe, Norbert Reithofer, BMW’S CEO, has announced that BMW will no longer continue its plan to build a larger sport-ute to surpass the range currently occupied by the X3, X5, and X6 crossovers, as sales of SUVs are dropping at a fast [...]

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In 2009, BMW prices will continue to rise

In 2009, BMW prices will continue to rise

  This year and next year, BMW will be raising prices, so if you’re planning to buy your very own BMW, now is the probably the best time to do it.   The German automaker has decided to raise prices in order to ameliorate the burden of exchange rates between [...]

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