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3 Cars that you Can Insure for Less in 2013

In the complex and ever changing world of car insurance, there are a number of variables that influence the cost of your premiums. Attempting to account for all of these is sure to give you a considerable headache, as increasingly influential factors such as your geographical location and level of experience cannot be altered easily [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop for UK Car Insurance Today

The importance of regular car servicing

With the rain and mist of autumn already upon us and the threat of ice and snow just around the corner, the perfect driving conditions of summer are already a distant memory. Therefore it is more important than ever to service your car accordingly during the cold and dark months when driving becomes more difficult.

Car Burnout Video Clips

Hey guys, you can check this car burnout video website which contains a lot of videos related to super cars. The website’s design is very beautiful because it has a few design colors, grey and blue. Also, the website’s pages load quickly and this is a great thing for a professional website. The visitors can [...]

The 2009 BMW M5

  In 2005, BMW introduced a new monster engine, the 507 hp v10. The M5 was modified year after year esthetically, but the power of the engine remained constant. Now, the people from BMW are preparing the unveil of their strongest and perhaps “meanest” vehicle. With a new design and a powerful engine which develops [...]

New Spy Photos of the BMW PAS

Five new spy photos of the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan ( PAS ) were just published by Autobild, the German car magazine. The camouflage used on the vehicle’s rear resembled early spyshots of the BMW X6. What’s happening now is that BMW wants to show BMW lovers a roofline different from all points of view [...]

BMW 335d at the Performance Center

One of the members of E90post forum as just returned from a delivery at the BMW Performance Center. Not only did he deliver, but he also got to take some awesome photos of a BMW 335d in the Titanium Silver color. When Park2670, the member from E90post forums, asked for the keys in order to [...]

Latest Spy Shots of the BMW X1

The Paris Motor Show is almost ready to receive visitors in October, so the BMW X1 is thoroughly preparing for its official launch by undergoing numerous testing. The BMW X1 seems to be almost production prepared, as far as we can tell from the spy photos that show the same black and white camouflage. At [...]

Best Factory 2008 Award for BMW Group

Sounds like a very good year for BMW as far as achievements and awards are concerned. First of all, BMW received the Engine of the Year Award, then the 2008 World Green Car, finishing up with the OkoGlobe award for BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology. A press release through announced that the Production of Chassis and [...]

Latest Spy Photos of the BMW Z4

There’s no doubt about it: the BMW Z4 will have a huge success in the auto industry. Resources say that the 2009 BMW Z4 will be a unique and imposant roadster, combining sportiness and classiness, which will revive the Z brand, reminding us about the good old days of the BMW Z3. Therefore, the BMW [...]

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