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Video: BMW 4 Series Cabriolet spied at the Nurburgring

It’s that time again folks. Time to have a look round at the Nurburgring and see what’s in the pipeline from some of our sporting oriented manufacturers. There’s a lot of them out there but let’s face it, we’re only interested in what the Bavarians are cooking up. After all, BMW is very closely linked [...]

BMW 3 Series cabriolet drops top in spy shots

The BMW 3 Series coupe cabriolet has been spied plenty of times before and yet this time it’s a whole new story we’re looking at. It’s for the first time that the drop top model has actually been spotted with its top dropped rather than just plonked up underneath some serious camouflage. We might be [...]

BMW 3 Series Cabriolet spotted in a winter wonderland

BMW’s test drivers don’t seem to have too much spare time. They’ve just been spotted testing the future cabriolet version of the 3 Series. As you can see, it’s more of a coupe cabriolet affair and also, it’s very well covered in camouflage. This creates more of a reason to speculate. The biggest rumor concerning [...]

BMW 335i Cabriolet by ATT Autotechnik

This is another tuning for BMW and probably the first time when we talk about a convertible BMW tuned. You don’t know what to say if there are many new things at this tuned model or if not but one thing is sure: it makes this BMW 3 Series to look awesome even if it [...]

BMW Canada Finally Lowering Prices

BMW Canada takes everyone by surprise by lowering prices on their BMWs, but only after years of complaints about Canadian prices, which are higher in comparison with the ones practicated in the US, especially since the CAD hit par with the USD. Therefore, the reductions are as followed: the new 3-series sedan and touring will [...]

Bodykit for BMW 1-Series Coupe & Cabriolet M-Pack by AC Schnitzer

  The German tuner AC Schnitzer has come up with a way to combine BMW’s official M-Pack aero kit and AC Schnitzer’s bodykit for the 1-Series Coupe or Cabriolet models. AC Schnitzer’s second bodykit for the BMW 1-Series Coupe and Cabriolet models is to be used on models that have the M-Pack. This bodykit has [...]

Improved BMW 335i Cabriolet

  The BMW 3 Series Convertible, a 335i model, has been spotted by the team at MotorAutority, who took some interesting photos over which we can literally drool. The car comes with the BMW M Sport Package body kit and a vented bonnet! Apparently, the 335i Convertible from these photos is being tested for the [...]

BMW 1-Series Cabriolet and Coupe – New body kit by Hartge

The big company Hartge has announced a new body kit for BMW 1-Series Cabriolet and Coupe models. The new body kit is equipped with a roof spoiler which is included only for BMW 1-Series coupe, a front spoiler, a boot spoiler, a rear diffuser and also a stainless steel rear silencer. This new body kit [...]

2009 BMW 6-Series Sport Package

BMW will introduce a new sport package on 2009 BMW 6 Series Cabriolet and Coupe. This sport package contains a new contoured hood similar to the new 7 series and 3 series facelift. This package will be equipped with other special components such as M sports suspension, M steering wheel, 19-inch alloy wheels, sport leather [...]

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