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2009 BMW Z4 at Detroit Auto Show

Recently, I wrote an article in which I added some wallpapers with 2009 BMW Z4. Finally, 2009 BMW Z4 makes its appearance at Detroit Auto Show. As I said in other articles, this car looks great. The exterior design and the interior are great. 2009 BMW Z4′s navigation system, and the console buttons board are [...]

2009 BMW Z4 – Some beautiful wallpapers

I have written some articles which contain nice pictures with 2009 BMW Z4′s interior and it’s exterior. Also, if you want to see a lot of photos with this beautiful car please enter the BMW Z4 Category. 2009 BMW Z4 is a great car made by BMW. The exterior design is one sport and elegant [...]

BMW Z4 E85 tuning kit

Even if the new Z4 is basically open for business, some tuning companies are still building new kits for the old BMW Z4 E85. This kit can be installed on the E85 Coupe and on the Roadster as well. Dstyle has managed to offer 100 of these kits to anyone who is interested in making [...]

Last pictures of the 2009 BMW Z4

We talked a lot about the 2009 BMW Z4 and I think that we managed to cover every detail about this car. Let’s make a summary and close this subject until we get other news about it, which might take a while. As I said before, the car is beautiful. You can clearly see from [...]

2009 BMW Z4

If you still want to see more pictures of the 2009 BMW Z4, you’ve entered the right place. Ever since its first spy photo, the 2009 BMW Z4 was a car which captured the attention of BMW fans. The engine specifications are impressive. The car is fast and strong, but the design is even better. [...]

2009 BMW Z4 Specs and Pictures

The official specifications of the 2009 BMW Z4 are in. As you might suspect, there are a few versions of the car and some elements might vary from model to model. The whole frame of this vehicle is built from steel and aluminum. This way, the car can be relatively light and still get the [...]

2009 BMW Z4 E89 pricing

Along with the technical specifications, videos and pictures, the people from BMW wanted us to take a look at the prices of the 2009 BMW Z4 E89. At the moment, the only prices available are for UK, but you can pretty much estimate how much the car will cost in other areas based on previous [...]

2009 BMW Z4 E89 – The interior

After a few posts about the engine and the looks of the new 2009 BMW Z4 E89, we should also discuss the interior. This great car comes with a few features which will satisfy any customer. The retractable DVD player is just one of them, you can take a look at the pictures below. It [...]

2009 BMW Z4 E89 blue – The exterior

Probably the most interesting design change of the 2009 BMW Z4 E89 at the exterior is the hardtop. This new element has a great effect visually and it is also functional. The car has a very long hood and a long wheelbase. The total length of the 2009 BMW Z4 E89 is 4.2 meters, which [...]

2009 BMW Z4 E89 – Finally here

The 2009 BMW Z4 was finally presented through the official pictures offered by BMW. The car will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, but we can at least look at these perfect pictures and enjoy the 2009 BMW Z4 in its true form. The car was equipped with some amazing features for a roadster. [...]

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