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BMW X2 Sport Activity Coupe Rendering

BMW X2 Sport Activity Coupe Launched in Rendering

BMW has recently let the world know that the X2 is coming pretty soon and will share some body style similarities with the X1. But so far, we don’t know how the crossover would look like, so it was up to X-Tomi design to show us a closer look. We [...]

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10 days ago

BMW X2 Is Coming Soon

There were a lot of rumors, reports and debates concerning the arrival of a new model which will complete the entire X lineup, in the shape of the upcoming X2 crossover. But the news were confirmed by a recent report revealed by Autocar a couple of days ago, which spoke [...]

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15 days ago
2016 BMW X2 Crossover

2016 BMW X2 Crossover Has Received the Green Light for Production

The BMW German based carmaker has been secretly working on the upcoming BMW X2 crossover for a few years and just a minute ago representatives have given the green light, the model emerging on the market in mid-2107. When it will arrive, the 2016 BMW X2 will sit between the [...]

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22 days ago
2017 BMW X2 Rendering

BMW X2 Reportedly Coming in 2017

BMW is on a full throttle, announcing and secretly planning some new models, which will revive some of its model fleet, like the X1. A recent reports does not rule out the idea of launching the X2, which would complete the “X” generation. The BMW X2 might arrive somewhere in [...]

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BMW X2 Launched Online in Renderings

The BMW X2 is ending up in our news again, with the model to be launched online in two new renderings signed by the famous designer Theophilus Chin. The BMW is continuously working on its compact crossover lineup, preparing to launch the future X2 model, especially since the sporty crossover [...]

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BMW X2 Reported for 2017

The BWM X2 is ending up in our news again, this time the model being reported to come in 2017, the long-expected model to stand on the ULK1 platform, also be found on the new MINI and the 2-Series Active Tourer. The BMW X2 will also come with a front- [...]

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2017 BMW X2

2017 BMW X2

BMW car manufacturer is in the cards of adding a new crossover to its lineup, an X2, which would set foot on the roads somewhere in 2017. The German auto maker already made its first move by launching the X6 to open a new market, a couple of years ago, [...]

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BMW X Range

BMW might be expanding their X line

It seems that BMW is on a roll, with plans to expand their vehicle lineup even further, this time focusing on the X range. Or so an inside source seems to claim. The inside source with the German car maker points toward at least two more models, one of which [...]

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BMW X2. Codename: SAR

BMW X2. Codename: SAR

There is a rumor going around for some time now regarding a brand new BMW model being launched in the near future: the BMW X2, which may become part of the BMW line up from 2011. The BMW X2 or SAR, which stands for Sports Activity Runabout, as it was [...]

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